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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

It is WEEK TWO – African American History Month, 2015 - ELECTORATE call Fraud-Foul to 'The Help

January 14, 2015 - Milwaukee Community Journal Ad
Top - L-R:  State Senator Lena Taylor, Alderman Bob Bauman, Alderwoman Milele Coggs, U. S. Congresswoman Gwen Moore, 
Clockwise:  Alderman Willie Wade, Alderman Nik Kovac, State Rep. Mandela Barnes, City Treasurer Spencer Coggs, State Rep. Evan Goyke, Alderman Ashanti Hamilton, State Rep. LaTonya Johnson and State Senator Nikiya Harris Dodd

February 8-14, 2015

City of Milwaukee
When Elected-Appointed-Hired and Volunteers representing the people, become “The Help” in “defrauding” of CORE CONSTITUENTS funds and resources earmarked to address quality of life and economic development issues in the city of Milwaukee; the electorate must call out, DEMAND accountability, take steps to correct, remove from office and where evident press legal  charges.   NO ONE IS EXEMPT.

           Mary Glass – Chair/CEO/CVO Milwaukee Professionals Association

For You, the Electorate
Evil in this instance is:  DISHONOR
L-R in ABC orderSigners for Milwaukee Streetcar in Milwaukee Community Journal full-page ad – January 14, 2015.  Look at the list.  See who is listed.  Remember who is listed. 

Do you see recipients of NEW government funded projects? 
Any on the annual list of funding?  
Any with ongoing contracts?  
Any with vacant lots?  
Any "fronting" projects?  

Any appointments by Mayor Tom Barrett and Common Council President Michael Murphy? 

Most of all, when was the first and last time you saw the cast of this article working on behalf/standing up for the city of Milwaukee CORE CONSTITUENTS?  Standing up period?  It is important to note, there are twins to the 66 folks below that chose NOT to HAVE THEIR NAMES posted.  Can you name some more?  I can.

Adams, Sharon
Anthony, Ruben
Badger, Richard
Belton-Davis, Tammy    
Benn, Christal
Bowie, Dustin
Boyd, Theresa Thomas
Bradfield, Earl
Buford, Earl
Cochran, Phillip
Cockroft, Milton
Colas, Jesse
Cooks, David     
Cross, Tameika
Crump, JoAnn
Crump, Lafayette
Davis, Danae
Davis, Robert
Dunn, Shaletta
Ellis, Devon
Franklin, Lamarr
Frier, Mara
Fuller, Kiara
Fuller, Mellanie
Goins, Melissa
Goodman, Vanessa
Gore, Ceilia
Green, Bryson
Gultry, James
Hall, Eve
Haywood, Kalan
Hollmon, Ralph
Hulbbert, Julious
Ikanith, Crystal
Jamerson, Amanda
Johnson, Chris
Johnson, Eric
Johnson, William
Jordan, Tamiko
Langham, Kishan
Love, Martha
Mitchell, Brian
Morris, Rashad
Murrell, Yvette
Omegbu, Uwakwe A.
Onyirmba, Esther
Patton, Denise
Penebaker, Khary
Phelps, James
Phelps, Clifton
Phelps, Jalin
Joan Prince
Reid, Shanna
Ricks, Andrianne
Robins, Angela
Scott, Lady Theresa
Scott, Tim
Smith, Gaulien “Gee”
Spivey, Rashawn
Stinson, Ron
Swan, Zelda
Von, Eric
Watson, Lauren
Weddle, McArthur
Wesley, Greg
White, Wallace
Williams, Venice

Are the signers above, mayor Tom Barrett's African American "A" list for the Milwaukee Streetcar?

Are the Signers on the two (2) lists above examples of Barrett's African American "A" list and Caucasian leaders that are paying off "markers" for a political party, grant, donation, accommodation, appointment, staying-in-favor, showing gratitude for promises given; OR, are the Signers looking to 'PERSONALLY" receive a bone or two from the Milwaukee Streetcar project?

The Milwaukee Community Journal ad said:  WE BELIEVE IN OUR COMMUNITY AND STAND UNITED TO BUILD A STRONGER MILWAUKEE.  Do you believe that? 

Have these folks been "standing united" for:
  • Eradication of Enduring Concentrated Poverty?
  • City of Milwaukee fight against Incarceration and 53206 Incarceration Re-entry?
  • Top Education for ALL Milwaukee Public Schools?
  • University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee and other universities being inclusive of CORE CONSTITUENTS of the city of Milwaukee?
  • Affordable Housing that includes the Homelessness?
  • Solidarity in Emerging businesses and correcting the DWilson Disparity Report?
  • Economic development along commercial zones where CORE CONSTITUENTS live; i.e., Fond du Lac & North to Midtown, Fond du Lac and North to Wauwatosa?
  • Removal of over 50% of Un- and UNDER-employment in the city of Milwaukee?    
  • Creation of today's Job Opportunities for CORE CONSTITUENTS, the People that reside in the City of Milwaukee, Information technology in CORE CONSTITUENTS areas.
  • Transportation for CORE CONSTITUENTS to get to out-of-city jobs, all shifts.
  • Clean and non-discriminating contracting of dissemination of ALL government funding?
  • DBE not continue to be a bait-n-switch or escape hatch for local government, large prime contractors and their inside cronies?
  • Elected officials vetting "each phase" of pages 34-37 of the Milwaukee Streetcar project?
  • Elected officials vetted "each phase" of pages 39-41 of the Milwaukee Streetcar project?
  • Federal, state and local legislation that gives CORE CONSTITUENTS a 20-30 year boost (empowers economically the People for self-sustainability, reform in Truth & Sentencing). 
For you, The Electorate 
L-R in ABC order are organizations that Signed-on for the Milwaukee Streetcar project full-page Ad in the Milwaukee Community Journal, January 14, 2015.  Can you tell why?   Do they represent CORE CONSTITUENTS in the city of Milwaukee, especially People of Color?  

Bait-n-Switch trap
Are Eva Hall, LaMarr Franklin, Ralph Hollman, and William Johnson working in individual and/or joint-stewardship and leadership for African Americans here?

I do not think so.  Have they been knocking on your door, sending emails, tweets, calls, voice mails, newsletters, meetings and full-page ads to explain the specific job creations, employment, suppliers (direct or indirect), and specific Department of Public Works/DPW training that is guaranteed; not bait-n-switch?   Do they know?  I doubt it. 

Click photo to Enlarge
African American Chamber of Commerce of Wisconsin, Eve Hall    
Associated General Contractors of Greater Milwaukee 
Building Advantage        
Historic King Drive BID, LaMarr Franklin
IBEW Local #494 
Ironworkers Local #8      
LIUNA Local #113
Milwaukee Building Trades Council  
Milwaukee Urban League, Ralph Hollman
Roofers & Waterproofers Local #65 
Smart Local #18 
Steamfitters Loal #601
Tilesetters Local #5   
Urban Economic Development Association, William Johnson

Where do the UNION WORKERS above live?  Are they CORE CONSTITUENTS OF the city of Milwaukee.  Reminder:  The Core funding giving by the federal government was funding on the backs of City of Milwaukee population - not the immediate world.  For the city of Milwaukee.

These are Zero Tolerance truisms by and for the People.
  • We must REMIND and HOLD Accountable those who paybackpersonal markers” to the various parties - Democrat, Republican, Independent, Constitution, Green, Libertarian, etc. that are duplicitous and fail to have the DNA from beginning to end of the CORE CONSTITUENTS. 
  • We must REMIND and HOLD Accountable those who payback “personal markers” to elected-appointed-hired representatives of the government that are duplicitous and fail to have the DNA from beginning to end of the CORE CONSTITUENTS.  
  • We must REMIND and HOLD Accountable those who payback “personal markers” to family, associates, colleagues and friends with the People’s funds and resources by endorsements, votes, advocacy, grants, lock-step obstruction, indifference and FULL PAGE ads. 
  • We must REMIND and HOLD Accountable those who are elected-appointed-hired government representatives that payoff personal “markers” with appointments, accommodations, the city coffers and city resources that are duplicitous and fail to have the DNA from beginning to end of the CORE CONSTITUENTS. 
Conflict of interest is an ethical breach and it is automatically grounds for public scrutiny and condemnation and removal from public office.

CORE CONSTITUENTS - African American History
In honor of those grand and brave African Americans that paved the way for African American (and others) to enjoy freedoms promised and guaranteed by the United States Constitution, I, Mary Glass, proud African American, stand up today, February 10, 2015 and call notice to those who are The HELP in defauding the CORE CONSTITUENTS with the Milwaukee Streetcar project.  They have not done justice and we the "electorate of like-minds" must not allow them to forget it.  In the name of our ancestors.

These are men and women I am honored to have read about, some seen-in-person, wrote about and try to emulate (which include my relatives), I challenge the women and men mentioned in this article that have stepped forward and supported the Streetcar travesty.

It seems as if the Milwaukee Streetcar signers have forgotten the many, many wrongs brought before and against African Americans to impede ACCESS to rights and privileges.  It was wrong then, it is wrong today.  The Milwaukee Streetcar is duplicitous; such as the segregation and discrimination of transportation that led to the famous boycott started by Rosa Parks or the March across the Edmund Pettus Selma Bridge – The African American signers of the Milwaukee Streetcar either know not or care not from whence they have come - They have forgotten what the legacy calls for – They are tarnishing the names and works of those who fought for DNA in the planning, implementation and operation of public policy - Dr. MLKing Jr. died while in Memphis, Tennessee working with the Sanitation Workers for access - Access is where we are with the Milwaukee Streetcar project.  
African Americans in history stayed up late, got up early, prayed-and-prayed, song and song, worked and worked and went underground for access – They were beaten, bludgeon, disrespected, spat on, beaten with sticks, beaten with sticks wrapped in barbed wire, hosed with water pressure strong enough to remove skin, dogs put upon, ran down by mounted Caucasian police, hung and killed, killed by gun shots, killed by bombs, killed and buried, killed by drowning and weighted with blocks and concrete weights - thrown in the rivers-ponds-swamps and back woods to deny access – these area few of the “too regular” unjust occurrence for our African American men and women in our African American History in the United States of America.

So, I call out today and challenge all men and women of Milwaukee that are in leadership positions that have resorted to The Help”.
For purpose of this article, I am referring to The Help – carrying water for Tom Barrett, Mayor of Milwaukee and Rick Barrett, Couture  development under the guise of “Jobs”, Jobs and worthy development.  Under the guise of if we do not use the money this way (downtown first), we will lose it

Charter Officers
As far as I, Mary Glass, Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC, can see, Mayor Tom Barrett and Common Council President Michael Murphy (who represent the executive and legislative branches of the City of Milwaukee) have failed the CORE CONSTITUENTS, Milwaukeeans, in this very costly project that is “frills” at the expense of those who need real economic and quality of life benefits from the earmarked federal funds available for Transportation as well as any skyline development called The Couture development (development by Rick Barrett).

"The $122 million Couture, which would replace the Downtown Transit Center, would feature 302 high-end apartments, with an average monthly rent of $2,300," Barrett said Wednesday. CLICK

“The Couture is an opportunity for the city to look at it as a transformational project and with the opportunity with a multi-modal, parts of transportation being brought into the building, with pedestrians, bikes, cars and streetcar,” said Rick Barrett, developer of Couture.

Rick Barrett said, he plans to seek city cash through a tax incremental financing district to pay for the park, transportation concourse, plaza and public walkways. The apartment tower, retail space and parking structure would be privately financed, quote.

YOU, THE ELECTORATE, SHOULD ASK, "What percentage of the CORE CONSTITUENTS that are by proxy underwriting the Couture and Milwaukee Streetcar CAN AFFORD $2,300 average rent"?

Mayor Tom Barrett and Common Council President Michael Murphy must be remembered for their DIVISIVENESS and spendthrift leadership at CORE CONSTITUENTS peril. 

Mayor Tom Barrett and Common Council President Michael Murphy must be remembered for their personal extravagance at a time when our city has over 50% under-and unemployment for some of its census tracts and HOMELESSNESS is on the rise for men, women and families. 

How do these two city charter officers square $2,300 per month rent for Rick Barrett, Couture vision with the widespread of HOMELESSNESS and lack of transportation for the many 100,000 thousands that seek and need transportation for to-from to jobs and quality of life facilities?  That is what the funds were originally given.

How do Barrett and Murphy square their extravagance with the lack of economic development at the census tract and neighborhood level when it is at an all-time low.  

Where annual income is less than $18,000 for some FAMILIES in the city of Milwaukee area and an average of $22,000 for many individuals (families) is commonplace. 

Where Enduring Concentrated Poverty continues to drive “risky behavior” that is consistent with lack of income, lack of promise of quality of life and economic development, disparity and deficits, and lack of HOPE.

Yet, Mayor Tom Barrett and Common Council President Murphy, 12 elected officials mentioned in this article and 9 voters on the Common Council - in serious need of Due Diligence 101 and Basic Oath of Office Pre-Primer.

It is Mayor Barrett’s Vegas-fleecing in Milwaukee concept at the expense of the majority households-taxpayers-stakeholders through TIDs-tax increment financing, property taxes, invoked taxes, crony-projects and high-end City Police budget.

The majority of the population, CORE CONSTITUENTS, are left to fend on their own even though they are the principal recipients of the capital and other resources being dolloped to Rick Barrett, to outside suppliers, counties and businesses that do not have a reputation of hiring CORE CONSTITUENTS of the city of Milwaukee.  And, if the outside employers sought to hire the CORE CONSTITUENTS, the CORE CONSTITUENTS do not have public transportation to get to-and-from the positions.

We can and MUST do better than this. 

Where's the ACCESS?
This is an ordaining of the Couture Project – Visionary development by Rick Barrett.

Where do we see the 53206 constituents returning from incarceration (stakeholders, those bringing the funding) fit into the Couture and Milwaukee Streetcar employment for family supporting jobs? 

Where do the trained and re-trained Milwaukeeans fit into the Couture and Streetcar creation - guaranteed? 

Where does the over 50% unemployed in Milwaukee fit into the Streetcar and Couture Project?   Where?  Where? 

This is another bait-n-switch and forced-down-your-throat project like many others; i.e., Manpower. This is another abandonment by Barrett for monopoly-oligopoly takeover, remember 9-5?

CORE CONSTITUENTS population brought this money to this city.
CORE CONSTITUENTS population do not live in New Berlin, Mequon, West Allis, Oak Creek, Glendale, Cudahy, Racine, Kenosha, Brookfield, Menomonee Falls; and, Milwaukee firms with little to NO employment of CORE CONSTITUENTS – African American, other People of Color and the Work Challenged is not seen as a positive.

This is disenfranchisement seen on pages 34-41 of Streetcar Committee December 9, 2014 Report.

o   What are the “temporary construction jobs”?
o   What are the long-term operators jobs – numbers, prerequites?
o   What are the workforce training jobs?
o   Who gets the System Construction jobs (720)?
o   Who gets the vehicle Construction jobs (110)?
o   Who gets the Operation Maintenance jobs (24)?
o   Who gets the vehicle Construction jobs (110)?
o   Who gets the Operation Maintenance jobs (24)?
o Who are the members of the planning and design of the Milwaukee Streetcar project?

In 2011, Dreamworks created a movie called The Help.
The film was a depiction of my African American sisters – grandmothers, mothers, their daughters, sisters, and aunts forced to take the disrespectful roles of taking care of families that did not threat them humane.  Women and girls that took care of Caucasian families while their families would go-lacking.  Women and girls working without a decent wage, Social Security and vacation.  Women who had to take degrading, discrimination, belittling by Caucasians, and unwanted affection of Caucasian men – rape.  They were compromised and rights taken.

Those African Americans in this article are representing the "problem" because they are "CARRYING WATER" by choice for everyone and everything but what they were put in the elected-appointed-hired and/or volunteered position to honor, The Electorate, The People.  We must HOLD them Accountable.

Thoughts for you from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Click photo to Enlarge
This trailer can give you a firsthand reminder of what I am CALLING OUT today, February 10, 2015, Week Two of African American History month.

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