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Thursday, February 26, 2015

SATURDAY TALK - February 21, 2015, Following the Money Photo Gallery

Clockwise L-R:  Martin Matson, city of Milwaukee, Vanessa Johnson, Execcutive Director/New Concept, Dr. Linda Mistele, MATC, Israel Mendez, 30th St. Corridor, Dr. Mistele,Ann Dee Allen, SEWRPC, Ms. Rose,Sherrie Bond, Jabez Rehabilitation Center, Vernisha Taylor/Bond Family, Ann Dee Allen, SEWRPC, Ruth Bond,/Bond Director, Israel Mendez/30th Corridor, Sherri Bond, Jabez,  Elizabeth Banks, Metcalfe Martin Matson and Israel, Martin Matson and Ann Dee Allen, Mary Glass, MPA LLC, Sherri Stennis and Martin Matson, Rahmad Malik, and Marie Stennis
Middle - Back row:  Sherri Sade Stennis, CFO Martin Matson, Vernisha Taylor
Bottom Row :  Sherri Bond and Marie Stennis 

City Center Milwaukee | DAY 178 | Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC SATURDAY TALK - Following the Money - was with the discussion of two (2) facilitators - CFO Martin Matson - Comptroller of the City of Milwaukee and Ann Dee Allen, Senior Public Involvement and Outreach Specialist, Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission. C Terrance Anderson, SEWRPC, will be back on March 21, 2015.

Meet-n-Greet BEFORE the meeting allowed personal introductions and sharing.

Saturday Talk MEET-N-GREET highlight was Israel Mendez , 30th Street Corridor, and his "tool chest" of EMPLOYMENT tips and events.

Vanessa Johnson, Executive Director, New Concept was able to share points regarding her organization Mission to preserve families and protect children while promoting self sufficiency with Martin Matson and Ann Dee Allen.

Dr. Linda Mistele, MATC Instructor, is working with New Concept.  Her appeal for a student during SATURDAY, January 31, 2015, gain $70 dollars for test payment.  Her appeal for a test at the February 21, 2015 meeting yield $35.00 from CFO Martin Matson - very warm and inspiring surprise.  She has been able to get her student tests cost covered.

Dawn Powell, DMZ Gardens was able to introduce successes of her gardens and promote interest in gardening.

Ms. Rose was present with a "wealth" of insights and neighborhood history.

Elizabeth Banks, Midtown Neighborhood Strategic Planning and Sherri Bonds Jabez Rehabilitation Center, were able to "remember when".

Warm Broccoli soup and Signature Banana Pudding was complimentary of the BOND'S FAMILY.
Members of Mack and Delsia Bond family.

Craig Jackson is the Resident Photographer.

Ruth Bond & Daughter, Vernisha Taylor - The Bond Family
L-R:  Ruth Bond, Israel Mendez, 30th Street Corridor, Sherri Sade Stennis and Vernisha Taylor

L-R:  Martin Matson, Mary Glass MPA LLC and Vanessa Johnson

L-R:  CFO Martin Matson, city of Milwaukee & Executive Director Vanessa Johnson - New Concept

Photo Gallery
Senior Public Involvement and Outreach Specialist Ann Dee Allen - SEWRPC

Facilitator Matson

CLICK Photo to Enlarge

Click photo to Enlarge

Back row:  Vanessa, Elizabeth, Sherri, Ann Israel, Martin,

Front row:  l-r, Vernisha, Sherri Sade, Ms. Rose,Linda and Craig - Photographer
The Bond's Family - Legacy
Mack & Delsia Bond - African American History Month

Click to enlarge
Elizabeth Banks - Midtown

Ms. Rose

SEWRPC 5 Scenario Chart

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