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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY - Text4Baby

February 3, 2015
Happy 5th Birthday Text4baby!! 

 It seems hard to believe that Text4baby is turning five! 

Over 850,000 mothers and families have been reached with the knowledge that leads to better health for them and their babies. 

Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC is a partner for the Milwaukee area for Text4Baby.

Text4baby has:

  • shown to improve health knowledge
  • help facilitate interaction with health providers and improve access to health services.
A George Washington (GW) University-led randomized evaluation found that Text4baby mothers were nearly three times more likely to believe that they were prepared to be new mothers compared to those in the no exposure control group. Findings from an RCT funded by the DOD Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center and led by GW and the Madigan Army Medical found improvements in beliefs targeted by Text4baby, including:
(1) the importance of prenatal care, 
(2) the risk of alcohol use, and 
(3) the importance of prenatal vitamins, among participants with short term (4 week) exposure to Text4baby compared to the control group. 

Findings from a study conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation showed many Text4baby participants sought additional information about Medicaid and CHIP after receiving Text4baby's messages about health coverage, and a number said they applied for Medicaid or CHIP for themselves or an uninsured child after receiving Text4baby's messages about health coverage.

Text4baby continues to grow in every state thanks to the efforts of a diverse and engaged partner base that includes over 1,250 organizations from around the country.

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