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Monday, June 20, 2016

MPA LLC SEMINAR II - East/West BRT, JUNE 22, 2016

"MPA LLC SEMINAR I East/West BRT was the kick-off  of Personnel Development seminars hosted by Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC for the citizenry of Milwaukee, especially African American, other People of Color and the Work Challenged.  The Infrastructure of Public Transportation is in need of upgrades - upgrades that have the fingerprint of the end-users for a 21st Century outlook for safety, employment, fast and efficient travels that are cost-efficient," said Mary Glass.

The East/West BRT Feasibility Plan was REJECTED by the citizenry at the Milwaukee Public Involvement Meetings (April 12 & April 14, 2016).  The meetings were held in downtown Milwaukee and the Zoofari site in Wauwatosa.  

The THREE (3) consistent items of "objection" were:

  • WRONG Corridor - should be NORTH/SOUTH.
  • Too COSTLY. 
  • Lack BENEFITS - Speed and Employment.
MPA LLC disagree with data of Ridership.  In fact, Milwaukee county has data that supports the need for NORTH/SOUTH ridership and the needs for connectors to outer Employment sites that are North and South.  This includes additional support for Routes 6 and 279 that were added as a result of a class-action suit by the Black Health Coalition and MICAH (funding expires in 2017).

North/South Anchor sites are needed for to solidify Safety, Employment, and Self-sufficiency of the city of Milwaukee electorate population.

In MPA LLC Seminar I - Richard Kauper, Architect, Amazing Architecture spoke with questions of the East/West data.

In MPA LLC Seminar II - Mary Glass will provide an overview of the vetting of the East/West BRT, short Timeline, lack foot print of the Core Constituents, and the outreach to SAG/Stakeholders Advisory Group.


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