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Sunday, June 5, 2016

BUBLR BIKE must answer to REDLINING in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Public Transportation

Where are African Americans, other People of Color and the Work Challenged?
MILWAUKEE has census tracts with over 50% UNEMPLOYED.
The Census Tracts of Milwaukee bring $$$Millions each year to the city of Milwaukee coffers for their empowerment.  Bublr Bike has come at least twice to get started.
June 5, 2016
MILWAUKEE | Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC continues its focus on a "rigged" government with patterns and practices of elected-appointed-hired-donor for hire representatives of government.  

This includes boards, committees, and authorities.  MPA LLC is pointing out the shamelessdiscriminatorydisenfranchisement, taxation without representation and Involuntary Servitude of the primary electorate at the top of the city of Milwaukee Organization Chart.  

The primary electorate are African American, other People of Color and the Work Challenged (homeless, disabled, re-entry veterans, re-entry incarcerated citizens, retirees, degreed but low-income jobs, and those laid-off).

Public Transportation Infrastructure
MPA LLC has joined the assessment of the INFRASTRUCTURE of the Public Transit/Transportation options available for Milwaukeeans but being BLOCKED from citizenry comments, decision-making, commitment, employment and economic engagement.

Haves and Cronies
Federal and State Public Transportation grants/funding have become easy targets for projects with carbon printsreal estate aspectslifestyle impactmultimodal impactenvironmental impact, and the promise of "employment".  

The problem is that those who bring the Lion's share of the funding - people mired in Enduring Concentrated Poverty - especially African American, People of Color and the Work Challenged (homeless, disabled, re-entry veterans, re-entry incarcerated citizens, retirees, degreed but un- and under-employed, plus those laid off) are left out.

All one needs to do is look at the path leading to-and-from the city of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County for 3 funds from federal troughs.  

The troubling images include fraud, conflict of interest and misuse of power for starters.

Professionals in Education and consultants with technical and legal resumes are sought for studies and research to make the case for Fast-track applications - Online.

The People are at such a disadvantage since the elected officials are in lock-step with being un- and under-informed, they are paying back election support or they are trying to get support from the power brokers for name recognition.  

Bruce Keyes, President and Co-founder and Barry Mainwood, Co-founder are perfect examples of what can happen in segregated Milwaukee if one is Caucasian and "well-connected".

Bublr has/had 2 instant accesses to the city budget, city department resources, city engineer on Bublr Bike board of directors,  endorsement by the mayor and common council.  

Bublr was/is positioned to pile on SPONSORS to give the appearance of best practice, transparency, and real-time accountability.  However, the SPONSORS failed to speak to the  blatant REDLINING and DISCRIMINATION.

Bruce Keyes is a Regulatory Attorney with Foley & Lardner.
Barry Mainwood is Senior Editor, Managing Partner with Mainly Editor. 

Board member Julie Kaufmann, The Fix, is another example of a Caucasian entrepreneur using privilege that is over-the-top with development of Bublr Bike by REDLINING African American, other People of Color and Work Challenged all the while working in Lindsay Heights with Walnut Way to use gentrification for her personal enterprising.

She is also one who refused to respond to MPA LLC outreach and inquiries through FOIA-Freedom of Information Act regarding a questionable neighborhood project in Walnut Way-Lindsay Heights involving Sharon and Larry Adams, Adam's employee Maanaan Sabir (now owner of the Juice Kitchen), Alderman Russell Stamper, District 15, Bid 21 (Sharon Adams Board Member), federal funding and Susan Lloyd, Zilber Family Foundation.

Kaufmann connection has continued with Walnut Way-Lindsay Heights employee, Jeremy Davis - Foreman, Blue Skies Landscaping turned developer - with developing a special interest gentrification project - the Wally Schmidt Story (never mind the rich African American ownership and management of M & M Lounge).  

Never mind, that Sharon and Larry Adams, Maanaan Sabir, Virginia DuPriest and District 15 Alderman Russell Stamper deliberately BLOCKED MC Cole, who invested a $100k of his own funds to open a tavern, restaurant and two separate bedroom apartments at 1810-1822 W. Fond du Lac.  Unlike Kauffman and Davis.

Mr. Cole's tavern, restaurant and residential investment sits "on-hold" for 3 years minimum per city license committee of Milwaukee.  

Stamper used "too many taverns" in the area as a reason for denial of MC COLE tavern license; however, Kauffman and Davis, Caucasians, are celebrating a "TAVERN".  MC Cole purchased his poverty and started his rehabilitation on his own and before they did.

Maanaan Sabir misrepresenting the truth at the public hearing against MC COLE.  Sharon and Larry Adams operated with Stamper to misuse power.  Sabir seems to of gotten the Juice Kitchen since then in the The Common and the Adams have received false notoriety minus ethics.

Kaufmann and Davis have embarked on a marketing campaign that included crowdfunding with with Indiegogo fundraising, city of Milwaukee, and modeling after St. Ann Intergenerational Center where Sister Edna Lonegan of the Sisters of Assisi engaged in massive gentrification, misuse of power, discrimination and disrespect of African Americans to get the federally funded - Medicaid and Medicare site built. 

Kaufmann seems to be the navigator for Bublr Bike Midwest Inc. - creating a real development brand for franchising with other townships by working with the co-founders, Barry Mainwood, Bruce Keyes, city Engineer Jeff Polenske, Trent Johnson, Radhika Maheshwari - Johnson Control and Rese Schneider - Public Policy Forum.

Ms. Kaufmann has been able to pop-up in work environments such as the North Avenue having little to no experience but having connections in questionable places and refusing to provide information.  She also seem to have had a hand in the expansion and site location of the bikes.

Board member Jeff Polenske is the City of Milwaukee Engineer.  
He is a WHOA for the appearance of Conflict of Interest.  No wonder Bublr has gone so far and done so well in 3 years.  The full court is behind and in front of them. 

Is this the standard procedure for the City Engineer of the city of Milwaukee - Public Works.  

I can remember how Mariana Schifalacqua was so brazen and disrespectful of the People between 17th & Fond du Lac to 35th & Fond du lac during the 1999-2000 Fond du Lac Highway 145 revitalization.  Schifalacqua refused to come to the table and work with the commercial and residential stakeholders - even though that was his role and responsibility - even though businesses were in crisis with the construction and a special tax being assessed by DPW.

The city of Milwaukee coffers and resources for launching a bike project has been very fertile and the "region" for now is the projection of these two men for the time being.  In fact, the downtown, east side and Walker's Point were the "jump-offs" - Caucasian based placement for the Bublr Bike program.  

They failed to include the CORE CONSTITUENTS of Milwaukee and already they have their sites on the suburbs and possibly franchising the brand.

I noticed last week a quick track of bikes arrived on Brown Street @ MLKing Drive next to Fein Bros. 

By having the ideal and inside track mega connects, Bublr Bike has grown to a corporation with millions from various governmental grants - $1.6 million to $5.5 million proposed in March, 2016.  It has also scaled to monopoly-oligopoly status in 2 years.  They are able to have a slideshow of sponsors.  CLICK

The owners got their start from the coffers of the city - owners are African American, People of Color and Work Challenged - however, they were band/REDLINED, not allowed to enjoy the Mission.  Discriminated against.  Not employed.  Why?  

This must be dealt with right now.
This will be dealt with, right now.  
We start with Attorney Bruce Keyes - Co-founder, business lawyer in transaction counseling and regulatory compliance..

To be continued . . .

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