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Thursday, June 16, 2016

MPA LLC Calls for ROI from Individuals, groups and corporations during JUNETEENTH SEASON

DOWNTOWN MILWAUKEE |  Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC has added an Action step to its public square review of best practices by making a "Citizen Notification".

An Email, Text, Voice Mail, and Telephone Call notice to those found misusing power, showing cronyism and special favor, the appearance of conflict of interest, greed and monopoly-oligopoly style business management to control economic development and wealth.  The net value is the disenfranchisement of all protective classes and Enduring Concentration Poverty.

A list is being compiled to bring attention to individuals, groups, and corporations that have just gone "Hog-Wild" in taking the resources of the Core Constituents of the city of Milwaukee for questionable means, means of greed with marginal to NO INTENTIONS of ROI/Return on Investment.

The greed is massive and is heavily tied to the construction, highway, infrastructure for public transportation, real estate, environmental, health care, public funding of all kinds, and lifestyle projects.

Our first organization is Bublr Bike.  
They have given REDLINING a new name.

The nobleness of the BIKE idea at the present time is lost in its receiving city of Milwaukee budget funding, using the city of Milwaukee's name to garner favor while REDLINING areas of African American, other People of Color and the Work Challenged census tracts.  They also seem to have a privilege rating with the mayor Tom Barrett, City Engineer Jeff Polenske, and the Common Council.  Therefore, it is necessary that federal oversight and review be brought in - in addition to other legal considerations after speaking with the partners to be.

They also failed to ROI in employment by hiring seemingly "only Caucasians" - some from out of town.

Milwaukee has a 60% un- and under-employment in the People of Color neighborhoods.  Are we to assume that Attorney Bruce Keyes and partners could not find Core Constituents in Milwaukee to work?  We will ask what this is about.

More importantly, since the monies have come through the public coffers, we will seek measures of the law that speak to taxation without representation and other unlawful appearances.

Since Bruce Keyes is a Regulatory lawyer - partner with Foley & Lardner, the top law firm of the state of Wisconsin, we are very curious as to what type of narrative and ideology is with this business.

We are certain that changes are necessary with better engagement, return on investment and better relationship with and in the African American, other People of Color and Work Challenged neighborhoods.  Perhaps some franchises will be afforded the stock/stakeholders of the city budget.

We did an article on June 5, 2016 about Bublr - 

BUBLR BIKE must answer to REDLINING in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Public Transportation

I will be back.

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