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Friday, June 17, 2016

BUBLR BIKE REDLINING, Discrimination and Disenfranchisement is WRONG

Do you know the site of these Bublr Bikes?
Do you know these folks above?
JUNE 17, 2016
MILWAUKEE | MPA Public Policy Review continues to flag articles, create dialog, and report the practices of those using government funding - elected, appointed, hired and donor for hire representatives of the government.  

Our recent discoveries show how individuals, groups, and monopoly oligopoly groups have formed a comfortable alliance with members of our city major departments - Department of City Development, Department of Public Works and Department of Neighborhood Services.  The city budget and other federal funding (as a direct result of being tied to the city or county budget) has a flood of funds going to all kinds of programs (many with some of the same folk).  Bublr Bike is the first organization of our list of Why? 

About Bublr Bikes

Bublr Bikes is Milwaukee’s bike share program! With Bublr Bikes, you’re able to take a bike from one Bublr Station, enjoy a quick ride to wherever, and return the bike to any Bublr Station that’s nearby. It’s our goal to launch 100+ Bublr Stations in Milwaukee and the surrounding ‘burbs!

Our Vision

Bicycles are an accessible, convenient and integrated travel option for everyone.

Our Mission

Bublr Bikes delivers a sustainable, excellent bike share system for all.

Milwaukee Business Journal
Milwaukee Business Journal Milwaukee's bike share program, in cooperation with the city's Department of Public Works, has applied for a total of $5.5 million in grants from the federal government to support expansion of the network for several more years.
On behalf of the Bublr Bikes organization, the city applied for funding through the Wisconsin Department of Transportation's Congestion Mitigation/Air Quality program, to build out the next three phases of the program.
We see that some changes have taken place over the last few days.
Below is one of them.
Do you know these folks?  
I know of them.  I know the fruits of their labor.  Are they trustworthy?
SponsorsCurrent Sponsors
The Bublr Bikes  system is a public-private partnership between the City of Milwaukee and Bublr Bikes, a Milwaukee-based not-for-profit organization, with additional support from many other public and private partners. All of our sponsors help Bublr Bikes offer residents and visitors a fresh perspective of Milwaukee. 
It is just amazing what happens when like-minds, well-connected, and what's-in-it-for-me benefits are available.

It all started with funding and support of the City of Milwaukee.
Tell me how we, The People, WILL/must deal with the mayor and common council who  create TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION, "disenfranchisement" through support of SEGREGATION, DISCRIMINATION, and outright bigotry?

How does this company come about in Urban Milwaukee?
How do you (Tom Barrett-Jeff Poleske-members of the Bublr leadership) come to the People's budget and get/take funds for the jumpstart of Bublr Bike and give/share with Caucasians-focus areas, schools, and downtown without first sharing in the economic development - INCLUSIVENESS, building hope, jobs, sites, maintenance and neighborhood lifestyle within the area of African American, other People of Color and the Work Challenged? Especially since these are the owners of the coffers.  What's missing here?  Answers.  Re-structuring.  Accountability.

By the way, what happen to the Bublr Team Leadership and the Staff pages - photos - backgrounds?
Attorney Bruce Keyes - Foley & Lardner
Bruce Keyes is the President and Co-Founder.  
He is also a representative of the court - Regulatory lawyer.  
How did this happen?
MPA LLC is taking a visit to those in charge of city leadership and the Bublr Bike group. 
Bublr Bike Board of Directors

BUBLR BIKE must answer to REDLINING in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Public Transportation

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