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Friday, June 3, 2016


Amtrak, Megabus, and Greyhound Bus
Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC sees the patchwork of public transportation services for Milwaukeeans, the largest ridership population in Wisconsin and the center of gravity for travel of the public in the southeastern region of Wisconsin, lacking in mobility, functionality, connectivity, dependability, and adaptability with the NEEDS, EQUITY and OVERALL SAFETY of the RIDERSHIP. 

The grid of government and quasi-government services – city, county, regional, state and intergovernmental organizations (public and private) - have become designated piranhas at the coffers of grant federal funding while disregarding high, growing, and concentrated poverty in the city of Milwaukee that impact the safety of heads of household, other family members and entire neighborhoods and districts.

Improved customer services in-line with population growth, employment needs, cost and lifestyles are locked in the shadow of obsolescence due to the lag and overtime failure to use dollars wisely and improve the structural matrix of streets, highways, train ways and byways.   Additionally, in-fighting for cosmetic and special interest procurement of government funds continues to plague agreements and defeat TRUST of the citizenry.

The marketplace of Information technology and today’s entrepreneurs such as Uber’s taxi and buspreneurs models are changing the playbook that affects travel for upcoming competitors with disposable dollars.

The city, county and state planners can choose to be successful by embracing and providing its CORE CONSTITUENTS – majority, legal, residential, commercial and needy ridership – connectivity to a giant state-of-the-art network of 21st Century travel opportunities that is known, competitive and affordable. 

The city, county, state planners have failed to connect the dearth - key populations/HUBS "in desperate need" of rapid travel with multiple routes to and from the neighborhoods AND districts and known for its standards of efficiency – well-ran transportation, safe transportation, reliable transportation, environmental friendly transportation, clean and affordable transportation, transportation operated and managed by the bus union and other professionals in the taxi, coach, paratransit, bike, train, airline and other customer care services. 

The city of Milwaukee – mayor and common council - Department of City Development and Department of Public Works, led the example of misuse of city of Milwaukee coffers and public transportation funding with special interest of Bublr Bike implementation for downtown and Caucasian areas - a REDLINING, discriminatory and segregation implementation.

The city of Milwaukee – mayor and common council - Department of Public Works, is an example of misuse of transit and transportation dollars with its Milwaukee Streetcar and special interest Rick Barrett’s Couture development for downtown and tourists while REDLINING the areas of African American, other People of Color and Work Challenged.  

The funds for Public Transportation should be part of a master plan to connect the Milwaukee population to major and rapid bus routes and other lifestyle travels for enhancements of quality of life destinations – doctors, schools, church, wraparound services, safe havens, parks, gardens, public events, shopping centers, day care, employment within the city.  It should be the beginning of quality and quantity public transportation with the advent of connectivity to hot spots of Employment in and out of the city - thus BRT-Bus Rapid Transit and joint ventures for the constituents to GROW that calls for city-to-city Infrastructure and confidence of the People.

Milwaukee County’s East/West BRT-Bus Rapid Transit is a fast track for to OPEN the DOOR to Small Starts Federal Transit Funding based on false data and REDLINING African American, other People of Color, Work Challenged Milwaukeeans and alienating local hot spots of employment through built-in segregation and projected cost for all.

We can and MUST DO BETTER.  NOW!
June is the kick-off of Emancipation.


Mary Glass Chair/CEO/Chief Visionary Officer
Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC


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