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Thursday, May 28, 2015

SATURDAY TALK - Meet Our Progressive Speakers, Photographer and Hospitality Director

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Past Speakers for SATURDAY TALK & 4-Month Atonement & Reparation
  1.   C. Terrance Anderson - SEWRPC
  2.   Ex- Senator/Attorney Gary George - Wisconsin
  3.   Senior La Frisko Lewis - UW-Milwaukee, Business/International Studies 
  4.   U. S. Attorney General James Santelle, WI Eastern District
  5.   City Clerk Jim Owczarski, city of Milwaukee
  6.   Jason Lynch - Project Supervisor, WISDOT
  7.   Stephen Adams - Public Involvement/Outreach Manager, SEWRPC
  8.   Ken Little - Commercial Corridor Manager, city of Milwaukee
  9.   Founder Craig Peterson - Buffalo Water Beer Company
10.   Chris Kliesmet - Citizens for Responsible Government 
11.   Amani Commissioner Myrtle Skinner - Master Gardner
12    Ann Dee Allen - Senior Public Involvement and Outreach Specialist, SEWRPC
13.   Jacob Gatlin - Outreach Director, Dominican Center
14.   Christina Wright - Next Door Social Network
15.   Eric Lynde - Principal Transportation Planner/Engineer, SEWRPC
16.  Nancy Ketchum - Community Relations, Bublr
17.  Solana Patterson-Ramos - Community Activist and ex-Candidate for 10th District
18.  Comptroller Martin Matson - City of Milwaukee
19.  Vanessa Johnson - Executive Director, New Concept
20.  Commissioner James Miner - Assessment, city of Milwaukee
21.  Michelle Carter - DBE Program Chief, WISDOT
22.  Brad Tenin - State On-line Liaison, Bryant Stratton College
23.  Dawn Powell, President  - DMZ Community Gardens, Development 
24.  Richard Kauper, Architect - DMZ Community Gardens

Incomplete list

  • Our speakers range from La Frisko Lewis, 26 year old, UW-M Business International Student to James Santelle, U.S. Attorney General, Eastern District.
  • Our focus is Informed Decision Making for city-wide CORE CONSTITUENTS.
  • Oversight and accountable in the Public Square
  • Human-Legal-Civil rights
  • Follow the Money
Inner Square - SATURDAY TALK, MAY 30, 2015 SPEAKERS

1.  Supervisor Supreme Moore Omokunde - Board of Supervisors, Milwaukee 
2.  Michael Olen, 2016 Candidate FOR Alderman 10th District, City of Milwaukee
3.  Gail Hicks - Activist, Women Informed
4.  Marva Herndon  - Activist, Women Informed
5.  Nick Monette - Management Project Officer, WHEDA
6.  Kim Plache - Business Development Officer, WHEDA
7.  Mary Glass - Chair/CEO/CVO, Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC


SATURDAY TALK for MAY 30, 2015

  • Introduction to Supervisor Supreme Moore Omokunde, District 10
  • Introduction to Michael Olen 2016 Candidate - District 10
  • Vignettes
    • Kim Plache and Nick Monette - WHEDA Development Opportunities briefing
    • Marva Herndon and Gail Hicks - Women Informed, Charter Schools & MPS
  • Introduction to Milwaukee Joint NSP Committee & Task Force, Powered by Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC
Come prepared to be amazed.

Saturday 30, 2015
10:30am - 2:00pm
2727 W. CENTER

Craig Jackson - Resident Photographer

Hospitality Director
Ruth Bond, Soul Delight
Ruth Bond
Tell us you are coming.  CLICK

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