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Thursday, May 21, 2015


CITY CENTER MILWAUKEE | DAY 262 | On May 19, 2015, Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC announced its newest step to RE-DEFINE, RE-BRAND and UN-TRAP CORE CONSTITUENTS of the City of Milwaukee.

Milwaukee Joint NSP Committee & Task Force

It is a CALL for ENGAGEMENT by CORE CONSTITUENTS that live in Milwaukee to "in concert" address economic and quality of life injustices through vigorous pursuit with expectations and enforcements for all.
If it's to be, it is up to YOU and ME.
If it's to be, it is up to YOU and ME.

Item # 1
Reporting and Recording allow REFORM. 
It is a good practice for SELF-REPORTING and Reporting of others held in COMPLIANCE mode. 

To identify specifics of change and make immediate corrections.  

Item #2
Be prepared to be "in AWE"

No one is EXEMPT.

Item #3
Neighborhood Strategic Planning in a JOINT format for daily access to information technology, better communication, better decision making, following the money and capacity building.  An inclusion and critiquing of Smart Growth and Vision 2050 for the city of Milwaukee population and then those who come to visit.

We start with a 6-15 month hands-on and city-wide review, assessment and service delivery by the People.  A 2015-2016 version of HUD's Community Development Block Grant strategic planning/exchange in 1995.

Item #4
Highlight and celebrate cultures and cultural differences for inspiration, historic presence and engagement.

Item #5
Massive REFORM in city-wide registration to VOTE; and, hands-on VOTING as a best practice for self-preservation and DUE PROCESS.  

Remove elected-appointed-hired and donor for hire organizations connected to government funding that fail to communicate, provide broad-base neighborhood-level citizen participation, improve conditions of those mired in poverty and uses funding to discriminate and disenfranchise those who live in the city of Milwaukee of Color.

Invest in Referendum changes.
Provide connections for city-wide Referendum changes.

Item #6 
Elect individuals who provide a platform that first and foremost commit to a checklist of 18 "To DO".  They are:
  1. Oath of office;
  2. commit to transparency and accountability;
  3. promote paradigm shifts in status quo;
  4. mark success by Win-Win solutions that build collaborations and interactions of the city-wide constituency;
  5. provide competence on standing committees assigned that address economic and quality of life sustainability of the population of the City of Milwaukee; 
  6. know, RESPECT, actively communicate and support their constituents in-district and city-wide; 
  7. create gainful employment;
  8. connect IT/Information Technology GRIDS for online access at the household and neighborhood business level of Milwaukee population;
  9. value-added education attainment; 
  10. urban health care;
  11. affordable and varied housing;
  12. safety prevention and intervention - mindset, mental behavior, street-to-street, ecosystem, community enforcement, community-oriented policing and homeland security;
  13. promotion of talent development and vetted businesses at the neighborhood level;
  14. generation building - ages, family, race, truth and sentencing, re-entry incarceration and war;
  15. global awareness and cultural contacts;
  16. arts and entertainment for neighborhood appreciation, enlightenment, and  self-sustainability;
  17. update and create today's legislation and state-of-the-art opportunities that provide access to government revenue and resources - economic development, TIDs, BIDs, NIDs, and desires of the Electorate.
  18. use intergovernmental relations to perpetuate access to better communication and conducting the People's business.
Item #7
Safety Prevention equals Safety Intervention

Item #8
Cannabis Reform - Incarceration of Milwaukeeans and Medicinal

Item #9
Hold accountable corporations tied to city, state, and federal coffers that are supporting the population of Milwaukee.

Item #10
Code of Conduct and Etiquette of Respect ranks high in navigating solutions.  MPA LLC Consumer Protection Group has three notifications for best practices.  They are: 
1).  Letter of Notification.
2).  Letter of Inappropriateness. 
3)   Letter of Goodwill-Good Faith and Good Citizenship.

Not a complete list
Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC
 is a Milwaukee-based firm with over 30 years of investment in the city center neighborhoods of Milwaukee addressing public policy in the public square and channel development - residential, commercial and light industrial stakeholders.

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