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Monday, May 25, 2015

MAY is Graduation time. Congratulations to All.

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May 25, 2015

May is Graduation time.  A time to celebrate the end of a set time of training with a completion, usually one that has a ceremony. A time for family, loved ones, friends and neighbors to say, Congratulations to all achievers - Kindergarten thru post-graduate level!


Mary Glass, Chair, Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC is a “you-must” advocate of Education Attainment.

In fact, Glass is first and foremost an Educator - starting with her first professional position as a Teacher. She came from a family headed by Educators, mother and father teachers, and an era that saw obtaining a diploma and undergraduate degree as a MUST - a rite of passage.

Pursuing other levels, masters, doctorate, post-doctorate and certificated-distinctions are "enhancements" for navigating the marketplace.

We CONGRATULATE all the graduates of Amani - Ground Zero Nextdoor social network, 
other nearby neighborhoods of the network and Bryant and Stratton College 41 Graduates on May 1, 2015,  We share your success. 

Solana Patterson-Ramos 


MPA LLC takes note of last month's SATURDAY TALK speaker and ex-Candidate for Milwaukee County Supervisor 10th District - SOLANA PATTERSON RAMOS. 

She graduated from UW-Milwaukee.

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Graduates - Travon Tatum & Cheyenne Hankins

Bryant Stratton College High School Commencement

Brad Tenin, State online Liaison, Bryant & Stratton College, Bayshore, was a SATURDAY TALK speaker last month. He shared with the audience opportunities of Bryant & Stratton College from diploma to degrees in today’s marketplace.

He invited Glass to their May 1, 2015 High School Commencement (Bryant Stratton College has a partnership with Penn Foster High School). 

The Bayshore Graduation, approximately 40 graduates received a diploma. Some received honors - Academic Achievement Honor Roll and Superior Academic Achievement Honor Roll. 

Glass got photos of:  Trayvon Tatum and Cheyenne Hankins. They received their High School Equivalency Diploma/HSED.

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