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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

CORE CONSTITUENTS - You are under siege - What are you gonna do about it

City Center Milwaukee | DAY 260 |  Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC announced today that it is forming the "NEW" MILWAUKEE JOINT NSP Committee & Task Force to create a model for RENEWAL and CHANGE.  

If it is to be, it is up to me - YOU

The RESEARCH, reports, and records are consistent and persistent.  The actions are in-your-face, radical, vicious and destructive to individuals and families of the electorate of Milwaukee. 
Millions and even billions from the local and federal coffers have come to the city of Milwaukee on the backs and for the benefit of growth and self-sufficiency; however, decades show that the money has gone to the haves for pet projects, procurement and construction to build Caucasian businesses in mass all the while access denied and bait-n-switch crumbs were/are given to give the appearance of due process - positions are given to African American and other People of Color to pacify and reward "gatekeeping".

Our families, women, men, children, generations have been brought to the 21st millennium slave auction of public policy that has explicit and implicit racial biases that cause us daily to fight, kill, victimize, judge unfairly the least of us caught up in such a hatred environment.

We have allowed  and participated long-term in controlling trends of elected-appointed-hired-donor for hire representatives by being co-conspirators of taking from our tax coffers - treasury to give to those who do not live in the city of Milwaukee.  We know about and condone in many cases work behind the scenes by those in city hall and other like structures to siege-our-federal funds and property taxes through annual budget and the like. 

We allow elections to come and go, but fail to register to vote, fail to run for office, fail to capacity build and inform our brothers and sisters of this precious right and privilege of necessary best practice.  

Our forefathers and foremothers were put upon by dogs, horses, false prophesy, property taken, public ridicule, jetted water hose, kidnappings, men castrated, women raped, hangings and murders with bodies burned, buried in unknown graves and weighted in a river.  How can you not VOTE.  It is a sin.

We demonize those caught up/trapped in the economic strife of mental illness, panhandling, prostitution, and drug trade.  We allow our public and private institutions to come to the treasury but do little to nothing to "rehabilitate" our injured from this war on poverty.

We allow lack of quality of life and economic development led by city charter officers at the city hall of Milwaukee to help perpetuate an environment of crime without accountability.

The "default" is set on profiling, disrespect, demonizing, massive seige of taxpayers funds, property gifts, tax credits, BAIT-N-SWITCH promises of employment and jobs, followed by massive incarceration of the CORE CONSTITUENTS.  

This behavior is revealed as a byproduct in a saturated zip code of massive incarceration of 53206 in our neighborhood without massive and daily outcry for change.  It is NOT OK.  

DO WE NOT SEE the outgrowth of the daily shootings, dysfunctional family households, homicides, and accidental deaths?   DO WE NOT SEE the artistic decoration of posts and trees along the streets in the neighborhood with balloons, teddy bears, and other momentos to the fallen CORE CONSTITUENT is our R E S P O N S I B I L I T Y?   No one is exempt.

We allowed Felmers Chaney Correctional (named after a black man of Milwaukee) to be a Flip property by the Department of Correction in our Metcalfe Neighborhood and the best looking real estate between 30th and Fond du Lac to FDL and Sherman - likewise the Milwaukee Women's incarceration center on 6th and Keefe, we have failed to ensure that these sites become beacons for human development and working directly with the leaders of the neighborhoods for change in our neighborhoods and reduction of recidivism of our men and women (father, son, uncle, grandfather, mother, sister, aunt, grandmother and cousin).  We can do so much better.  Wake up.  We pay for these sites.

We fail to massively appeal Scott Walker's career enhancer of Truth and Sentencing that has placed so many for so long in correctional facilities in Texas, Tennessee, Minnesota and Wisconsin, costly to all - often #1 or #2 in Wisconsin biennial budget.  

Many with jail sentencing for decades for the sale of ounces of Cannabis while in other states, especially Colorado, a new generation of Cannabis entrepreneurs are being seen, celebrated, gone viral, on CNN and other media focus making $$millions of dollars. They are primarily young Caucasians.  Get to it.

We know the above issues or SHOULD know them - we see them - we live in them.  What are you willing to do about them?

Here are five (5) recommendations:
  1. become knowledgeable and informed of your surrounds and show you care by linking those you know with information for informed decision making - start at your home, school, church, club, neighborhood groups, and social network.
  2. become active - register to vote NOW.  Get your free ID at the WI Transportation centers for licenses.
  3. mark your calendar - take the time - invest the time, for input and sharing at face-to-face meetings - form meetings for fellowship and stewardship.  Do the best you can.  Do not pit you-me-others against each other.  However, it is your duty to check the facts and seek best practices.  This will demand calling a spade a spade.
  4. I ask that you provide STEWARDSHIP in the name of  Milwaukee CORE CONSTITUENTS Task Force for Change.  It is MPA LLC efforts of "Get-with-it".
  5. Seek accountabiltiy through BEST Patterns & BEST PRACTICES of the following:
    • Alverno College
    • Bader Foundation
    • BIDs, TIDs and NIDs
    • Cardinal Stritch University
    • CDBG
    • CDFI
    • Charter Schools
    • City Attorney Office
    • City Clerk's office
    • City of Milwaukee Library
    • City of Milwaukee License Committee
    • Common Council members
    • Common Council President
    • Commercial Corridor Manager
    • Comptroller - Milwaukee
    • Couture Project
    • Concondia University
    • DCD
    • DOC
    • DNS
    • DPW
    • Department of Assessment
    • Feeding America
    • Fondy Market
    • Greater Milwaukee Foundation
    • HACM
    • Health Department - city
    • Hunger Task Force
    • LBAT/Local Business Action Team
    • LISC
    • MMSD
    • MSOE
    • Marquette University
    • Mayor's office
    • MEDC
    • Milwaukee Bar Association
    • Milwaukee Buck Stadium and ancillary Park East real estate
    • Milwaukee Streetcar Project
    • Neighborhood Services - city
    • RACM
    • SPD
    • SEWRPC - Vision 2050
    • The Morderne
    • Treasurer office - city
    • United Way
    • US DOJ
    • UW-M, MATC & MPS
    • UW-M Water Program
    • WHEDA
    • Wisconsin Transportation
    • Zilber Family Foundation
Not a complete list


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