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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Predatory Patterns and Practices in Government and marketplace funding take a toll over time

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City Center Milwaukee | Day 253 | Every day is a day each one of the CORE CONSTITUENTS must step up for Stewardship in Milwaukee.  In case you have not noticed, Milwaukee city coffers are the ATM for kick-offs-launching ground and major revenue streams for non-profit and for-profit organizations.  We have so many with the winning connection downtown, Madison and national departments for "shake-down" of the CORE CONSTITUENTS of Milwaukee.  The recipients - every Tom, Dick, Harry, Sue. Sally Jane come from far and near of 7 counties and around the country to strip programs and initiatives funding for Milwaukeeans that make-up the population.  They are able to do this because of 16 elected individuals.  They are:

  • Mayor Tom Barrett - last elected, 2012
  • Common Council President Michael Murphy, Alderman 10th District.
  • Milwaukee Common Council, 14 alderpersons last elected, 2012.  Russell Stamper II, Alderman 15 was elected in a special election, April 2014.
13 Points
They are ALL up for RE-election in 2016.  
They are all, if not predominately, members of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY of Wisconsin.

Change of Guard
Since 2016 is an election year, REPUBLICANS are making loud noises at the presidential level that demonize CORE CONSTITUENTS in densely populated areas of the United States - individuals mired in Enduring Concentrated Poverty due-because of the disrespectful and non-use of the massive federal funding that has been sent to Milwaukee and other cities, BUT given to others. - cronies, donor-for-hire, and power-players.

We need TRUSTWORTHY individuals (Independent, Green, Democrat, Republican) as city charter officers that respect the families of Milwaukee and listen to their needs for growing the city of Milwaukee.  

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We must rid the city of the predatory methods in play.  
Predatory methods in government and the marketplace.

Two recent examples are:  
  • Rick Barrett's Couture Project - $2,000 per month
  • Streetcar Project - use of transit dollars for DOWNTOWN STREETCAR for tourists
On the table is the next UNINCLUSIVE $billlion Milwaukee Bucks project with no contact with CORE CONSTITUENTS, the electorate that is being asked to PONY UP the foundation and real estate.   The Streetcar project was in February, 2015.  We are now in May 2015.

The failure of Tom Barrett, Mayor, Chris Abele, County Executive and Scott Walker, Governor to turn the Milwaukee Bucks mega opportunity for RENEWAL of economic justice in Milwaukee (partnership with the CORE CONSTITUENTS) is proof positive the three should not be in leadership in Wisconsin; and, candidate for president Scott Walker to be known for the "smoke and mirror" administrator he is.

l-r:  U. S. Chief Justice John Roberts and President Barack Obama 
We need individuals INTERESTED in providing a city government that seeks to honor their OATH of Office and the U. S. Constitution.  A body of leaders with a focus to embed quality of life and economic justice leadership in the INFRASTRUCTURE and expect 100% support by the Electorates.

Most of all listen, hear, and provide quality of life and economic justice for the individual DISTRICT elected and TOTAL 15 districts.  This means well-being of the over half-million population of  Milwaukee.

Honorable, informed, open-minded and innovative candidates to step up with a compelling agenda that attracts the constituents. 

A candidate that will ensure that their constituents and other constituents of the 15 districts are respected by keeping them informed, not taking them for granted, and providing opportunities for better leadership, apprenticeship, ownership, scholarship, fellowship, citizenship, mentorship, entrepreneurship, partnership and stewardship.

Election Commission
Get started.  Contact the City of Milwaukee Election office - HOW TO RUN FOR OFFICE - for particulars needed to become a candidate for your position of pursuit.  Then, make a decision to RUN.

We have some folk already signed up for Spring Election 2016.  CLICK

EVERY position needs a NEW candidate, we are missing the following positions:

  • Candidate - Alderperson District 1
  • Candidate - Alderperson District 3
  • Candidate - Alderperson District 4
  • Candidate - Alderperson District 5
  • Candidate - Alderperson District 6
  • Candidate - Alderperson District 9
  • Candidate - Alderperson District 12
  • Candidate - Alderperson District 15 
STAY tuned.

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