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Saturday, May 2, 2015

King and Dershowitz missed opportunity, gave Implicit/Explicit Bias

L-Top - Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby, L-Bottom - 6 Baltimore Police, Top-R - Rep. Peter King, Attorney Alan Dershowitz, Bottom - R, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and House Speaker John Boehner on Capitol Hill 
May 2, 2015
Chief Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby seems to have shocked Rep. Peter King and Attorney Alan Dershowitz to speaking out about the May 1, 2015 decision to charge 6 Baltimore Police - 5 men, 1 woman (3 African Americans and 3 Caucasians).
By the way, I have not seen King and Dershowitz speaking out about the repeated criminal activity of our law enforcement officers across America murdering African American males.
What's that about?

Rep. Peter King, New York and Attorney Alan Dershowitz, missed an opportunity to "NOT BE DIVISIVE" but to seize an opportunity to be two American statesmen.  They failed to seize an opportunity to help correct a problem that will be corrected whether they like it or not.  It is long overdue - in a large part due to Caucasian males - like the two of them - failing to "do unto others as they always want others to do unto them".


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