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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Sunday MEET N GREET - Chef Ace Champion

  • Green Bay Area, De Pere, Wisconsin 54115
  • Hours
    No hours available
  • Short Description
    Chef Ace Champion is a personal chef as well as a Cooking Class Instructor. He teaches authentic cookery and the know how behind it.
  • Long Description
    Chef Champion 

    "Good Food, Good Spirit, Good Time"

    Chef Champion is a native of the great food state of Louisiana. He specializes in Cajun/Creole; the base cooking in New Orleans. He has over 18 years of culinary experience ranging from Certified Meat Cutter, Executive Chef, Event Coordinator, Personal Chef, as well as Cooking Class Instructor. He is also a graduated with honors at Fox Valley Tech where he majored in Culinary Arts (Accelerated) and achieved his Associate’s degree.

    Chef Champion comments; “I feel we should have the same respect for food like we do for life when preparing it. After all real food was once alive therefore should be treated like a delicacy when preparing it as well as eating it. I use live food in my shows which means almost everything I use in one way or another was once alive. Therefore you not only benefit from the party this food will have with your taste buds, but also all the nutritional values that come with live foods.

    Chef Champion adds “I’m holding nothing back. I will be sharing all of my secrets & recipes I have learned over the years from restaurants I worked at, home cooks I’ve cooked with, and techniques that are only taught in Culinary Arts School. You, the students will not only be better cooks and more educated but also be a better person.” Chef Champion cooks with a strong passion and makes it his priority to educate himself so in return he can educate others that struggle with cooking. His style of cooking is very unique because he infuses cultures and ingredients to create flavor that could only be created by the hands of a Champion.

    Chef Champion believes in the Law of Attraction & the Power of Positive Thinking. Chef Champion dedicates his work and mind to this theory and hope others will follow. He believes that if you think you can be a great chef/cook than you will, but if you think you won’t be a great chef/cook than you probably won’t. Chef Champion believes that if everybody before entering the kitchen focuses on what they want out of this recipe instead of what they don’t want like burning it, the outcome will be great almost every time. That’s why Chef Champion created 8 steps to a perfect meal that will help viewers be more positive in the kitchen therefore making them more productive & creative. Chef Champion finishes by saying “I now understand my purpose in life and that is to teach the world everything I can about food for the mind, body, and soul. Good food, Good time, Good health, the three goods good food brings.”
  • Phone
    (920) 713-4941
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