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Monday, July 4, 2016

MPA LLC seeks Federal Transit Administration for speaker, transparency, oversight and INCLUSION of the citizenry in Milwaukee Public Transportation funding

MILWAUKEE | JULY 4, 2016 | Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC has connected with Washington, DC and Chicago, IL to seek the office of the Federal Transit Administration to help the citizenry of Milwaukee - CORE CONSTITUENTS, take advantage of the Small Starts grant.

It is clear that public transportation in Milwaukee, continues to be left out of strategic planning for the INFRASTRUCTURE of Public Transportation for those who make up the Ridership and need the employment the most. 

A wake-up call, class-action suit, by MICAH-Milwaukee Inner-City Congregation Allied for Hope and Black Health Coalition of Wisconsin to the State of Wisconsin Department of Transportation yield MCTS-Milwaukee County Transit System routes 6 and 279 to jobs, North and South for about 3 years. The routes have been well-received but connecting routes in the city to the 279 and 6 are inadequate in the time-schedule, frequency of buses and regularity after a certain time of day and leaves employees stranded for emergency travel to and from and travel to 2nd/3rd shifts.

The two routes will run out of funds in 2017. There are NO known plans of continuation.

A North/South BRT Alternative would be the acceptable and appropriate alternative for the first BRT in the city of Milwaukee. It would immediately link the many employment hot spots North and South of Milwaukee with the un- and under-employed densely populated ridership; many without cars, driver's license or working vehicles.

This would be an excellent time to expand Routes 279 and 6. They are scheduled to be stopped in 2017 due to lack of funding.

The East/West BRT is not the best use of the Small Starts grant funding and do not meet the basic guidelines.

The feedback from taxpayers at both of the public involvement sessions of the East/West BRT (April 12, 2016 and April 14, 2016) were:
  1. too costly
  2. wrong direction, should be North and South where ridership and employment
  3. BRT travel time against GOLD line - 5 minutes *

* The GOLD line is one of the newer lines put in place by MCTS to move the Ridership quicker.

"We see Small Starts funding as a significant opportunity for Milwaukee to improve the public transportation Infrastructure by connecting core constituents in an aggregate fashion to employment beyond the present Public Transportation Infrastructure that is so badly needed and will help provide an employment alternative to risky behavior that impact safety within Milwaukee," said Mary Glass, Chief Visionary Officer, Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC.

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