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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

TEXT-4-BABY - JULY 12, 2016

July 12, 2016

Dear MARY,
Every 10 days, across the United States, a child dies from being left in a hot car. With temperatures rising across the country, it is especially important to make sure all parents and caregivers are aware of the dangers of leaving children in hot cars. Young children's body temperatures rise three to five times faster than adults, and many parents don't realize the associated dangers. Our partners at Safe Kids Worldwide have created toolkits for parents, childcare providers, health professionals, and bloggers, with tips and information to help keep children safe from heatstroke, and how to spread the word.

Many of these tragedies are a result of the parent or caregiver forgetting that the child was in the car, or the child becoming trapped in the car without the parent's knowledge. There are many strategies to help prevent this from happening. The  Administration for Children and Families and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have collaborated to create the "Where's Baby? Look Before You Lock" campaign. Check out their page here, and use the tools provided to give the families you work with tips and ideas for keeping babies and young children safe from heatstroke.  
The Text4baby Team
Take Action
Do you need more Text4baby materials to share with families? We are currently offering bulk packages of various materials in three different sizes, to suit your organization's needs best. Materials can be used at special events, in packets, displayed in waiting rooms, or any other opportunity you have to reach new and expectant moms. Fill out the form here by July 15thto place your order! If you have any questions, please email Rachael Salley atrsalley@zerotothree.org.  
Quote of the Week
"Text4baby has helped me out a lot! As a new mom, the tips are a great reminder of how to take care of my baby daily."
- Jalaeya J. from Sacramento, CA (T-Mobile user)
New Partners  
  • Union Pediatrics, PSC (Union, KY)
  • Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health (Carson City, NV)

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