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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

MPA LLC 22 Action Pledges needed from Candidates for Mayor - DONOVAN & BARRETT of the City of Milwaukee

March 15, 2016
City Center Milwaukee | It is 21 days before April 5, 2016, the day Milwaukeeans elect the mayor for the next four (4) years.

Competitive Vetting & STEWARDSHIP
MPA LLC calls for competitive vetting between Candidate Tom Barrett and Candidate Robert Donovan that starts with the following 22 Action Pledges for implementation in the 2016-2020 term of mayor for the city of Milwaukee.  They are:
  1. Audit and Review of each of the 8 sub-departments of the Department of Administration
    1. Community Development Grants
    2. Environmental Sustainability
    3. Milwaukee Energy Efficiency (Me2)
    4. Milwaukee Sustainable Manufacturing (ME3)
    5. Office of Small Business Development
    6. Procurement Division
    7. Budget Management
      1. Outreach to citizenry for information sharing.
      2. Training for Inclusiveness and NO dogmatic protocol.
      3. Appointment to committee 
    8. Intergovernmental Relations
    9. Charter School Review
    10. Information Technology Management
    11. Unified Call Center 
      Citywide Information Systems
    12. Infrastructure and Technology Development Policy and Administration
  2. Audit and Replace the Department of City Development - breakup for transparency, EFFICIENCY and accountability.  Specifics given to ameoba-like organizations such as RACM/Redevelopment Authority of the City of Milwaukee and MEDC for starters.
  3. Audit all BID/Business Improvement Districts (business and neighborhood) with formation validation, connection and engagement of stakeholders in decision-making.
  4. Audit and Review of City of Milwaukee Budget the last 5 years for trends of Economic Development in all other neighborhoods of Milwaukee except downtown proper.
  5. Audit and Review of Milwaukee Economic Development Corporation policies and procedures the last 5 years per MEDC board composition, board members length of time, hired staff, connection to the Department of City Development, and People of Color representation on Board and MEDC office.
  6. Audit Budget office (Mark Nicolini) for outreach to the citizenry for knowlege of the budget for special neighborhood meetings scheduled in advance for participation; outreach for county-city board meetings and Nicolini's lack of docurum for a public servant officer - arrogance.
  7. Audit and review of Ethics Board, city of` Milwaukee, update and strengthen Mission and reasons for being - especially "Showing strict regard for ethical conduct is essential in order to maintain high public esteem. Our public officials are very concerned with this issue. The community, in turn, should be equally concerned with the rights and reputation of its dedicated public officials. Public cooperation is required to assist the Ethics Board in maintaining Milwaukee's reputation for high ethical standards and conduct" - relative to Complaint on Alderman Russell Stamper, Alderman 15th District and misuse of power against Citizen/businessman MC COLE.   MC COLE was denied for 3 years to open his tavern after investing a $100k - mean-spiritedness and lock step politics at the License Committee (Chair Tony Zielinski, Vice Chair Milele Coggs and RUSSELL STAMPER, 15th District). 
  8. Audit and Review of TID/Tax Increment District projects the last 12 years - care to note and list members of African American and other People of Color developers and on staff and in decision-making.
  9. Audit and Review of Board of Fire & Police Commission members, policies, procedures, outreach protocol to citizenry for information sharing, staff of office up-to-date and prepared to speak informatively and professionally to the public due to appropriately ran administration of the board.  Refusal to respond to constituents REQUESTS. 
  10. Audit of City of Police budget for last 5 years for trends of training with all neighborhoods through Neighborhood Strategic Planning areas-block clubs-schools-businesses-churches-special culture events, hire, hire of color, hire from city of Milwaukee, rate of pay, police placed on leave for behavioral incidents, and monies received beyond city budget - specific dollars from Department of Justice and People of Color in administration and management.
  11. Creation of special stakeholders Civilian group with Investigators (separate from law enforcement) made up of individuals at the neighborhood and professional levels - to review shootings by police officers, grand jury probes and complaints.  Investigators selected by the civilian group and paid through government coffers.  Civilian group members elected by the People through each CDBG Neighborhood Strategic Planning group. 
  12. DWilson Disparity Study updates with timeline of changes.
  13. Replace and Return CDBG funding to the neighborhoods per original HUD intent with 2016-2018 reorganization - new organization is a self-governing entity and partner of the city.
  14. Review of Certificate  of authorization of members, policies and procedures  for the Redevelopment Authority of the City of  Milwaukee authority for legitimacy, compliance of statute,  transparency and oversight. 
  15. COMPLAINT AGAINST AND REPLACEMENT  OF Rocky Marcoux and Martha Brown as DCD Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner AND head of RACM.
  16. REMOVAL and Replacement of Rocky Marcoux and Robert Rodini of RACM and Rodini on Joint Review Board for inefficiency, neglect of duty and misconduct in office.
  17. REMOVAL and Replacement of Tim Sheehy and his appearance of conflict of interest as the leader and member of Milwaukee Economic Development Corporation/MEDC and Milwaukee Metropolitan Association of Commerce/MMAC. Replace anyone that does not live in Milwaukee and exceed a term limit of 2 years on the MEDC board. Bring on MEDC board African American and other People of Color AND Cultures for the Milwaukee Economic Development Corporation that are NOT cronies of the mayor or those on the board.  Thorough audit of growth of MMAC during Tom Barretts's administration (12 years) and their interwoven business dealings and decision making of city hall business, i.e., creation of Milwaukee 7, Streetcar project, NBA Buck's Deal, 9-5  Sick Leave Referendum, EB-5 Visa Regional designation, etc.
  18. Review policies, procedures, hire African American staff and provide ongoing training for culture correctness in the Department of City Development admin and leadership staff (INCLUDE CLERICAL SUPPORT).
  19. Review and Replace WHO'S WHO Board of Safe and Sound and replace with stakeholders at the census tract and neighborhood level as the Core Constituents.
  20. Review policies and procedures of the Bucks agreement for adding support of wraparound services at the Neighborhood Strategic Planning areas to strengthen our neighborhood growth in quality of life issues.
  21. Review Department of Public Works and correct the appearance of  interest relationship with developersWE EnergiesWarner CableMichels Electric and others.
  22. Revisit Streetcar process and procedures for economic development at the neighborhood level and how unions of lead in development projects address UN-EMPLOYMENT and UNDER-EMPLOYMENT in the 1st Class city.                      

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