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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Candidate Representative LA TONYA JOHNSON seeks Senate Leadership - District 6

SENATE DISTRICT 6 is NOT up for grabs because of ENDORSEMENTS of representatives of a caucus group.
Candidate Representative LA TONYA JOHNSON has to make herself known to Milwaukeeans – CORE CONSTITUENTS. We need to see what she has done in an aggregate fashion during her tenure as the Representative of District 17.
She must sell her WORTH by her behavior and practices so far. We need to see where she has spent her time – who, when, where, how? We are looking for her “fingerprint” of Merit.
She was one of the ones who SOLD OUT the People in the NBA MEGA Bucks Deal when it came time for her vote that has us strapped with 30 years of Involuntary Servitude of tax support. Too often, we the People really do not know many of the folk that come out for election. The candidates use broad-brushing sound-bytes to promote their messaging of non-substance. They SURROUND themselves with well-known neighborhood groups and leaders that are fleecing the people and perpetuating Enduring Concentrated Poverty. They SURROUND themselves with Democrat or Republican affiliation to garner their candidacy.
We know there will be the pile-on of those who see Candidate Rep Johnson as a candidate to consider, and that is their right. However, Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC will look at things like have you responded to inquiries by the People? Have you met regularly and forthrightly with the constituency of Milwaukee? What specifically you have done that merit you moving to the front of the line with LEADERSHIP and STEWARDSHIP? What can we expect from the 4 of you?
We must look at behavior – patterns and practices – of anyone that is running for this office or any office. They must roll-up their sleeves, come to the People with substance specifics, 1-2-3 and show they are WORTHY of VOTE.
So, if Candidate Representative LaTonya Johnson wants to be elected, she needs substance that speaks to leadership, stewardship, partnerships, entrepreneurship, citizenship, ownership, scholarship, fellowship and honoring Oath of Office.
We demand re-defining, re-branding and UN-trapping incarcerated and the People of the 6th Senate District

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