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Sunday, March 6, 2016


Rep. EVAN GOYKE - 18 District
SUNDAY, March 6, 2016
MILWAUKEE PROFESSIONALS ASSOCIATION LLC - People Council of Milwaukee seeks clarity and economic development in Milwaukee. This is the time for ACCOUNTABILITY - SHOW-AND-TELL.
Public Policy temperament and paths forward to Re-defining, Re-branding and UN-Trapping African-American, other People of Color and Cultures and Work Challenged individuals-FAMILIES-HIDDEN TALENT is a MUST.
Too often, we have the CORE CONSTITUENTS left-out of the Fingerprint of Merit.  MPA LLC speaks up and out for those folk.  Period. 
SENATE DISTRICT 6 is NOT up for grabs because of namesake, questionable, and UN-INCLUSIVE fingerprint of the customers, owner of 27th Street Tobacco and Wireless Bill 628 or ENDORSEMENTS of representatives and cronies from Milwaukee.
Candidate Representative EVAN GOYKE, District 18, has to make himself known to Milwaukeeans – CORE CONSTITUENTS. We need to see what he has done in an aggregate fashion during his past four years of leadership at the census tract and neighborhood level to know about and enhance the lives of his constituents in quality of life and economic development.
Who has he spoken to and for to understand the mired condition of Enduring Concentrated Poverty that drives risky behavior and safety matters? How often has he worked against the glaring rigged economy of Milwaukee? These are his neighbors – individuals and families – that live right around him on State – Kilbourn, Wells, Highland and the nearby Aldermanic District 4. They are the over 2,500 monthly count that visit daily Our Savior Lutheran Church, 11:30am – 12:30pm for meals.
He must sell his WORTH by his behavior and practices so far to impact profiling of law enforcement, incarceration and creating statutes that will seek remedy to discrimination, profiling, misuse of city government powers, misuse of public funding and building HOPE. We need to see where he has spent his time in the neighborhood – who, when, where, how? We are looking for his “fingerprint” of Merit.
Since Representative Goyke has served as the “delegation leader” for Milwaukee, he provided leadership in SELLING OUT the People in the NBA BUCKS MEGA GREED Deal and helped to strap his constituents and other Milwaukeeans with 30 years of Involuntary Servitude of tax support.
Too often, we the People really do not know many of the folk that come out for election. The candidates use broad-brushing sound-bytes to promote their messaging of non-substance. It is not enough to SURROUND himself with Alderman Robert Bauman, Mayor Tom Barrett, Penfield, Avenues West, Marquette, Harley Davidson and their out-of-the-neighborhood board members – those often exercising behavior of elitism, blame, bias and exclusion while fleecing the people and perpetuating Enduring Concentrated Poverty. This includes the Democratic Party.
Rep. Goyke needs to hit the streets where he lives and reach out to those of us who are working to ensure that the city of Milwaukee is re-designing, re-branding and UN-Trapping the individuals, FAMILIES and HIDDEN TALENT in the 18th District.
The temperament and path forward will need his fingerprint and persuasion of the electorate that are African American, other People of Color and Cultures and the Work Challenged.

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