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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

ENDORSEMENT by President Barack Obama of Mayor Tom Barrett LACKED VETTING and deemed disappointing and troubling

Press Release – Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC
For Immediate Distribution
Contact:  Mary Glass, 414.610.1044               mpapublicpolicyreview@gmail.com

March 9, 2016       
According to Channel 58 news release Wednesday morning, the President endorsed Barrett saying, "Tom Barrett has been an outstanding mayor for the city of Milwaukee, and his hard work has put his city on a path toward a stronger future. Tom has fought to strengthen neighborhoods by bringing people together to solve tough problems. He's been a leader in the battle to get illegal guns off the street. I am proud to endorse him and offer my unqualified support for his re-election.”

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.
Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.
                                               Dr. Martin Luther King Jr
MILWAUKEE – Today, an announcement of endorsement was made by the 44th United States President Barack Obama for Tom Barrett, Mayor of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

“President Barack Hussein Obama’s Endorsement of Mayor Tom Barrett is troubling and most disappointing – It speaks to the RIGGED climate already seen in the public square – We must PUSH BACK with FACT vetting and mass voting on April 5, 2016”         
It reminds me of unvetted and misleading endorsements given on behalf of Candidate Donald Trump for President by those supporting his disgraceful behavior”.
President Obama missed the mark here by years” – 12 years.  “I vehemently disavow the endorsement on behalf of African American, other People of Color and Cultures and Work Challenged Core Constituents of Milwaukee who have had ZERO sum gain in STRENGTHS at the census tract neighborhoods for 12 years of Barrett’s Administration – as far as bringing people together and hard work by  him and his administration, the proof is evident by the perpetuated and by design disparity, caused by discrimination, cronyism, appearance of Conflict of Interest, misuse of power, total disregard, lack of due process and disenfranchisement that has perpetuated Enduring Concentrated Poverty documented annually by academic and business economic reports”.

“Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett’s crowning performance of disenfranchisement was seen in  2015 dysfunctionality by joint violations of the Core Constituents’ (population) assets and resources in a Downtown Renaissance of GREED that made its indelible mark in the 2015 Senate Bill 209, 2015 WI Act 60, for/by the haves thereby using a Donald Trump type of bullying and RIGGED system with takeover of property, tax increment districting, city budget financing, city staff time, special hiring in departments, special budget financing from the Martin Matson Comptroller budget, $300 million Contingency fund, Bublr Blue Bike multi-year budget funding (Caucasian areas only - NOT in African American and OTHER People of Color and Cultures neighborhoods) streetcar project for the tourists while the people are mired in Enduring Concentrated Poverty and transportation needs to jobs, funding for local public transit, and to combat lack of cars and licenses; lack of gainful employment to deter risky behavior, NO movement on social justice that includes changes in Incarceration laws and patterns and practices of the city of Milwaukee Police Department, extremely high budgeting of the city of Milwaukee Police budget that do not square with TRUST in the city of Milwaukee Police and justification of the highest budget item”.

“Barrett’s None movement with the DWilson Disparity Study and the growing UNDER-EMPLOYMENT and direct link of un-employment, family supporting jobs, safety matters and economic growth in the Infrastructure except for summer and seasonal jobs for youth and young adults, NOT heads-of household like he does for Caucasians seeking and getting resources from the coffers.”

“Milwaukee Downtown Renaissance flaunting elites Couture-Moderne Rick Barrett projects, Barry Mandel & Bob Monnat/Partner Mandel Group, Gary Gorman projects, Sandy Botcher Northwestern Mutual royalties, Alex Molinaroli Johnson Control-Greater Milwaukee Committee (downtown), Tim Sheehy Milwaukee Metropolitan Association of Commerce board privileges and EB-5 Visa, John Daniels Jr. Quarles & Brady LLP, Michael Fascitelli Milwaukee Bucks, Greg Marcus Marcus Corporation, Tom Barrett mayor and Chris Abele Milwaukee County Executive takeover; Pabst Brewery/Zilber Family Foundation and Zilber Ltd., city-in-a-city neighborhood Business Improvement Bid, EB-5 Visa recipient – Blue Management, Cardinal Stritch University, UW-Milwaukee Health, and Brewery Inn; and, the crowning of misuse of power is a 30-year Involuntary Servitude anchor for 3 decades or more on the peoples’ coffers for the well-being of the billionaire owners of Wesley Edens and Marc Lasry, NBA BUCKS MEGA GREED Deal. “

“We have seen NO growth for the People and neighborhoods for those who bring the Lion’s share of federal funding but remain in the shadows of risky behavior and sliding further into the abyss of Enduring Concentrated Poverty since Tom Barrett took office in 2004”.

‘Yes.  Mr. President your comments are disappointing, troublesome and lacking the vetting standards I have come accustom to when listening and believing in you”, said Mary Glass, Chief Visionary Officer, Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC.

March 9, 2016



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