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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Listen to Public Policy w/Mary Glass & Company Guests - March 3rd, March 10th & March 17th

Shows 9, 10 & 11 - March 3, March 10 & March 17, 2017 are listed for your review.  It gives you the audience an opportunity to hear our LIVE Friday shows with our commentators, our guests.
Take a listen.

Guest March 3, 2017
Attorney William Crowley - Candidate for Municipal Court
Attorney Raphael Ramos - Legal Action of Wisconsin 

Attorney William Crowley is seeking his 1st term as a judge for Milwaukee Municipal  Court, Branch 1
April 4, 2017 - Vote

In 2014, William joined the staff at Disability Rights Wisconsin, working as a Family Care and IRIS ombudsman, working with people with disabilities on Wisconsin's long-term care programs.  In this capacity, he has been an advocate for people facing denials or cuts to their essential long-term care related services, conducting investigations, negotiating, and assisting with appeals to the State.  Also in this role, he serves on a number of committees, including working with local government and county transit officials on public transportation program implementation for people with disabilities. 
Furthermore, since 2012 William has served on the Board of the Wisconsin Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, most recently as its Affirmative Action Officer, working to cultivate a broad, representative membership on the Board

Attorney Raphael Ramos and his office are providing hands-on services for those citizens that find themselves facing an Eviction.
Legal Action of Wisconsin's Eviction Defense Project (EDP) is court-based, FREE legal aid for low-income tenants in Milwaukee County who are facing eviction.
The EDP can be found at:
Milwaukee County Court House
901 N. 9TH ST., ROOM G-9
HOURS: 12:00PM-3:00PM
* (It will be available Monday - Thursday in summer, 2017.)

Guest March 10, 2017

Dr. Brittany Bowers - Walmart East
Dr. Bowers is the administrator of the Pharmacy Department of Walmart East in Milwaukee.
She provided Tips for customers regarding what to expect from her site in customer service and prescription services.

Rhea Rodriquez - Administrator, Progressive Families of MKE
Naomi Bryant - Administrator, Progressive Families of MKE

Progressive Families in MKE
Progressive Families of MKE was created as a place for leaders of Milwaukee to come together and model civic responsibility and activism as role models for ALL children.
PFM was created to represent all types of families in a fair way. We will work under the democratic structure of a steering committee and we will strive to represent all people in MKE fairly. PFM will also work toward coalition building with existing groups of Milwaukee such as PMM, MCAT, UBLAC, RBPP, MTEA, and any other groups that allow PFM to bridge gaps within our city as we work toward a more unified Milwaukee.
All of our meeting, events, and activities will be child-friendly and welcoming to ALL families that wish to work toward peace and unity constructively.


Guest March 17, 2017

Marina Leigh - President, SDS 
  • Attorney Kristy Yang - Candidate for Circuit Court #47
  • Michael Hahn - Executive Director, SEWRPC
  • Ravil Ashirov - UWM Students for a Democratic Society
  • Richard Kauper - Amazing Architecture
  • Marina Leigh - President, UWM Students for a Democratic Society

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