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Friday, October 30, 2015

ACCURSED - When we sit silently and allow DISCRIMINATION and EXPLOITATION to take place . . .

AMERICA |October 30, 2015 | 
When we sit silently and allow "Accursed" behavior, DISRESPECT, DISCRIMINATION, PREDATORY PRACTICES and EXPLOITATION of African American and other People of Color to take place, know that you have bought a CANCER that no form of Chemotherapy or any other form of remission and/or removal will take place.  It is a time-bomb waiting to explode - and explode it will - and you are NOT EXEMPT.

Karma tends to be an absolute accelerant that acts like the red-dye that explodes on money that is stolen from a bank.  Accursed behavior steals from all of us and perpetuates itself.  You only need to look at the way daily occurrences happen in the public domain.

Disgrace with Background 
At the Election of President Barack Hussein Obama, 44th President of the USA, African American - 1st African American President - Caucasians in mass showed their displeasure with acts of disrespect - name-calling, photos of insults and constant comparisons that were out-of-order.  The code of conduct left no holds barred.  

Older Caucasians, baby boomers, performed in townhall meetings that were so disgraceful and have contributed to the stench of RACIAL HATE that looms large in the public square.  They insulted President Obama's birth, birthright and his parents - an African man from Africa and a Caucasian woman from America.   

The race-baiting and disrespect was loud and clear by those in elected, appointed and hired positions.  Their rhetoric of "hate" grew and grew - often led by older Caucasian Americans that are/were suppose to be wiser adults.  They were the leaders of racial slurs.

The awful behavior mounted campaigns of OBSTRUCTION - disruption of government responsibility.  Many candidates ran on for election of a majority in both houses to stagnate and prevent the advancement of the country under the leadership of President Obama.

Their ruckus behavior allowed the "shut-down" of government  and the downgrade of the top-tiered AAA Standard & Poors credit rating.  They formed the Tea Party and Birthers groups that were clearly a mob acting group with behavior easily compared to the Ku Klux Klan (a known secret Caucasian racist group with terrorist behavior against African Americans).

Unwise Leaders - Guarantors of Karma
Those in elected office stoked the wrongful behavior and were/are complicit.  In fact, it is said that Eric Cantor, ex-Majority leader in the House of Representative [un-elected from district] and others are examples of "reaping what one sow".  

We recently, NOW, see them falling on their swords - John Boehner, Speaker of the House, [forced from Speakership]  Kevin McCarthy, [outed for missteps and personal behavior] - lost access to Speakership of U.S. House of Representative.

Speaker of the House - U.S. Congress
Paul Ryan, Chair - Ways and Means Committee, was coronated into the position of Speaker of the House on Thursday, October 29, 2015.  We will no doubt continue to see the venom continue to raise its head to turmoil mounted by the obstruction that was put in place by rhetoric, dialogue and rules by Ryan and posse.
The Young Guns
Ryan is from Janesville, Wisconsin and is the 3rd member of the Young Guns.  The Young Guns (Eric Cantor, Kevin McCarty and Paul Ryan) were the orchestrators of the "bring him down" movement launched as early as President Obama's Inaugural night.

"Ryan who is touted to be this-and-that in Washington; however, he is seen by me, Mary Glass, as a mean-spirited legislator that has sought to be an obstructionist behind the scene and chose to forget how his mother had to provide an income and care for him and his siblings - government subsidy support." "He was part of the Congressional leadership that has intentionally caused quagmires the last 6 years; watch how it will come back and haunt him,". "Ryan reminds me of ex-Vice President Dan Quayle," said Mary Glass, Chief Visionary Officer, MPA LLC.

They used the loud clamor of the Birthers and Tea Party folk - those they did not count as important and definitely not of their equal in judgment  but could keep the NOISE loud and keep the public opinion of hate, racial discrimination, fear-mongering loud and disruptive.

The downfall of Cantor, Boehner, McCarthy and ruckus of drafting Paul Ryan under the ruse of he's the "only-one-for-the-position" because he is sooooo qualified.  Their top choice will backfire because the people are Hog Wild and they feel betrayed by the likes of Ryan, Boehner and the others in "bait-n-switch".  

In walk, Donald Trump and Ben Carson, Ted Cruz and other candidates for the GOP - Grand Old Party.

Well, stay tuned.  Ryan has been privileged and vastly over-rated - starting in the last campaign as Vice President to Candidate for President Mitt Romney.  

Power Players Mitch McConnell, John Boehner and Eric Cantor
By the way, watch for the "hatred mold creep" that is upon Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell going forward.  He, too, was/is just awful. 
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