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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

MPA Candidates Caucus Network District Strategists

MILWAUKEE & MILWAUKEE COUNTY | October 27, 2015 | MPA Candidates Caucus Network calls upon members of the city of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County (19 Municipalities) to join MPA Candidates Caucus Network in making 2016 a year of massive voting for to put in office candidates with RESPECT for the stakeholders, their assets; and, the candidate's Oath of Office.

District Strategists
Individuals that are 18 years and older that live in a particular district of the city of Milwaukee and the county of Milwaukee.  The word "district" for this group starts with city-wide distinction.  

Individuals that support the human-civil-legal right of voting but realize it has NO meaning if the option is not exercised.

Individuals that if he/she can vote, Voters.*
Individuals having served their time incarcerated (in/off paper).
Individuals that see Misuse of Power and DISRESPECT of the CORE CONSTITUENTS by those who seek and obtain an office as a violation of TRUST.  They also rally to and for "transparency" and "accountability" by means necessary.

District Strategists are to caucus, get the word out, register voters, work at polls, host events for recruiting voters, outreach to schools-churches-public sites and in the home to PUMP UP the Votes for worthy candidates.

District Strategists endorse candidates.

District Strategists work with Milwaukee Public Schools and other public and private schools to share the 50th Anniversary Voting Rights Act - 1965-2015 and PUMP UP the Vote for 2016. 

District Strategists engage in ongoing training and survey-fact check-polls evaluation for Informed Decision-Making.

District Strategists are of all persuasions, non-partisan. 

District Strategists support meet and greets, town hall meetings, debates and Focus Groups for Information sharing and Informed Decision-Making.

District Strategists sign-on in a volunteer position of leadership, citizenship and fellowship for stewardship within the public domain. 

Each member is selected through the office of the Chief Visionary Officer, Mary Glass, Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC.

Are you interested in being a District Strategist?

CLICK to Register

*    High numbers of age-eligible voters are prevented from voting due to laws presently on the books that need to be changed; i.e, felony convictions.

Updated:  November 3, 2015

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