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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

John Doe and GAB vote today

Rep. Jonathan Brostoff - District 19
October 21, 2015
MADISON, WI - Today in Madison, those we send from across Wisconsin to represent the people at the state level will vote on issues that haunt us now with bad deeds.

We are pleased that Rep. Jonathan Brostoff - District 19, is on-the-job, per his recent update to his "district office".  He shared the fact that he is zooming in on the John Doe facts and the Campaign Financing facts of the GAB - Government Accountability Bureau.

To watch the proceedings, please follow the link provided below.http://www.wiseye.org/Programming/CoverageSchedule.aspx

 They have been in session since the early AM of October 20, 2015 and have taken previous votes on the John Doe item already.

"I feel that the voting is riddled with bias and mischief.  They will take place to further disenfranchise the voters through hijacking and it is a traditional way of special interest, monopoly-oligopoly misuse of power.  The GOP side of the State House is busy in mischief and stacking the deck."  "It is this type of behavior and misuse of power that taxpayers frown on and it has a high-cost before-during-after investigations to get at the truth."  "Instead of addressing the issues of Misconduct that is related to John Doe Investigation, Republicans are making sure they are not held accountable and are not to be transparent in their actions while in office."

Doesn't this sound familiar?
Doesn't it sound like self-protectionist efforts?
Do you smell the John Doe Investigation of Scott Walker here?
Is this not the type of behavior of elected officials that presently have the Donald Trump mania?  

Tune into Wisconsin Eye for today live streaming.

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