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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Route 279 Message from the Chief Visionary Officer - MPA LLC

April 31, 2016

Hi Everybody!

The MoveOn.org petition HAS BEEN CORRECTED. 
YOU can Go to the site (mpapublicpolicyreview.blogspot.com) and SIGN THIS PETITION.

Keeping it Real. No one is Exempt.

Here is your opportunity to help us create REAL public transportation infrastructure that is worthy of dollars being spent to make a difference for the men and women in the crosshairs of the Eliminated Route 279.

According to our survey, these are men and women with employment from just hired to 3 years (most averaging 9-12 months in employment); who have taken advantage of the EMPLOYMENT opportunity of getting a full-time job with companies in Menomonee Falls Industrial Park.

The companies include Arandell, Harley Davidson, FEDEX, Sam's Club, Woodman's, EnSync Energy, Wacker Neuson, Scan Box, Walmart, and Radisson Hotel for starters.

Route 279
The Route that was pulled this past Saturday, August 27, 2016, failed to meet the Mission of all 3 organizations - MCTS/Milwaukee County Transit System, Black Health Coalition of WI and MICAH - Milwaukee Inner-city Congregations for Allied Hope.

L-R:  Rev. Willie Brisco (Milwaukee Inner-city Congregation for Allied Hope) &
Dr. Patricia McManus (Black Health Coalition of WI) 
MCTS, BHCW, and MICAH were given the privilege to manage and implement the People's federal fund of $13.5 million for Routes #6, #61, and #279 - They have failed in the creation and implementation of Route 279.

Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC is calling for a meeting of ALL 3 to immediately reinstate Route 279 as well as the necessary tweaking of failed scheduling, connecting BLUE line and coordination of the human element of the Ridership, the companies, village leaders and other specifics that will boost Route 279.

Route 279 is the most organic route - a model of connecting individuals from the "central city to hot spots employment".

North/South BRT
It speaks to WHY a build out of public transportation of a North/South BRT/Bus rapid Transit is NEEDED as the first alternative in Milwaukee County FAST Act federal spending - Small Starts funding RATHER THAN the $48 million East/West "build it they will come" - A proposal of high speculation for the haves with consultants AECOM and HNTB.

GO NOW to MoveOn.org and sign the petition.

We have corrected the error. We ask and appreciate your support.

Mary Glass – Chief Visionary Officer
Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC


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