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Monday, August 22, 2016

MCTS, MICAH, and Black Health Coalition pull Route 279 - violate Title VI law of suit, Endanger Milwaukee employees with present employment in Menomonee Falls and prevent others from many Help Wanted signs Up-and-Down Menomonee Falls Industrial Park

August 22, 2016
MILWAUKEE/Menomonee Falls Industrial Park | Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC is calling for Full Disclosure of the numbers/data base of MCTS/Milwaukee County Transit System, MICAH/Milwaukee Inner-city Congregations Allied for Hope, and Black Health Coalition to substantiate the numbers in a Journal Sentinel article as to why they decided to pull Route 279.

"We need to see the facts here.  We ask for the guidelines of implementation of the class action suit. It is easy to give composite numbers.  We want to know with specificity Route scheduling during the entire day, Blue Line scheduling, other connecting bus to Routes 6 and 61, the Ridership to employment, where employed, length of employment, temporary vs permanent, during what timeframe, turnover of employment, with direct employment of Milwaukeeans to Routes 6 and 61," said Mary Glass, CVO, MPA LLC.  

"Additionally, what is the total amount allowed for the Zoo class-action suit with MICAH and Black Health Coalition?  How much has been spent to date?  What dollar amount is projected for Routes 6 and 61 without Routed 279?  What is the workforce marketing plan with human resource departments of all 3 routes? What are the ongoing evaluations?  What is the standard of judgment for the elimination of one, two or all of the routes? Lastly, what examples of vetting included Ridership input, customer satisfaction, and the general public notification?"

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