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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

HEAR YE! HEAR YE! ROUTE 279 Menomonee Falls is being ELIMINATED, Why?

What's that about?  Eliminating Route 279?
Tuesday, August 16, 2016
MILWAUKEE to MENOMONEE FALLS | Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC is reporting that the "Ridership" of Route 279 has been ambushed.  

Bus route 279 eliminated
Our face-to-face dialog last week with members of the Ridership of 279 to FedEx, Arandell Corporation, Radisson Hotel, Woodman, Harley Davidson, Ensync and others spoke of their shock and the disadvantages caused by this reckless decision, said Mary Glass, Chief Visionary Officer.

The employees - ridership spoke of their "Opportunity of Work" is now threatened.  The Ridership ranged from first-day to 3 years employed on Route 279 and averaging 9-12 months.  

They spoke of NOT being asked about Route 279 and its need prior to its elimination.  The ridership spoke of just finding out within the last week that Route 279 was being pulled. Some were just being informed by MPA LLC visit and the posting of signs on Friday, August 12, 2016.

No contact - lack of communication, customer service and courtesy with Ridership seems to be a huge failure of Abele and Dranzik.   
According to an email response from Dan Boehm, Milwaukee County Transit System Managing Director, "the elimination of 
Route 279 was requested by the Plaintiffs of the Zoo Litigation Settlement.  They elected to preserve the limited funds available from the settlement so that they can be used for the other, more successful settlement-funded routes:  #6 (New Berlin Industrial Park) and #61 (Appleton-Keefe)".

MPA LLC asks both Milwaukee County and the Zoo Litigation Team, what was the criteria for selection of success of one route over another in both MCTS regular management planning and when dealing with class-action suit engagements?  

Where are MCTS posted reports to the Ridership? 
Who gave Milwaukee County Transit System the right to eliminate Route 279 without "due diligence", without talking to the Ridership - without doing their homework?  

The federal funding for the public transportation comes out of all of our pockets.

The lack of equity and inclusion that perpetuates Enduring Concentrated Poverty is seen and heard when SWELLING grows in our neighborhoods.  It becomes toxic-noisy-clashing-anger for UNREST - just as we have in Sherman Park Neighborhood of Milwaukee at this time.

How will these employees feed their family - pay their rent - get their children ready for the 2016 school year?  Buy a car.

People continue to say, "We are tired of this"  "We are tired of being tired".  

MPA LLC was unable to get a response from Black Health Coalition of WI and MICAH by press time.


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