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Friday, August 7, 2015

Where are the DEMOCRATS? 8 Major reasons of Change Needed for Wisconsin Democratic Party

L-R:  MARTHA LANING - Chair and State Representative David Bowen - Vice Chair
Wisconsin Democratic Party

City Center Milwaukee | DAY 271 | Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC has launched a spotlight on organizations and individuals that are in the public square and INFLUENCE public policies.  

It is part of the Marathon to address ABUSE of POWER in the City of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County.

We  recognize the NEW leadership and because of it, this article is written with the act of Hope and one day after the 50th Anniversary of the Voting Rights Act for African-Americans.

It is also with same that we invite the leadership and others to JOIN us for the VOTING SALUTE at Tower Park, Saturday, August 8, 2015, 1:00pm.  

We also make note that we found nothing on the DEM website of the landmark Act.

Today's marketplace is full of DISINGENUOUSNESS when it comes to those who represent People of Color in elected-appointed-hired and donor for hire positions - especially those in charter positions of power.  

We see too often marketing ads and campaigns calling for African-Americans and People of Color to support causes, buy products, and volunteer.

We see invoking the word "diversity" as a validation of their worth and value in the civil rights domain of inclusiveness.  However, when it comes to "practice" - day-to-day practice, it is a continuation of INSTITUTIONAL RACISM.

MPA LLC finds that troublesome.
Today, we start our look by calling upon the Democratic Party of Wisconsin to TURN A NEW PAGE.  We start with its NEW leadership, an opportunity - a window of opportunity - to Win.  Yes.  Win.  

We see the Democratic Party of Wisconsin missing mega opportunities in the past to win due to a lack of believability and/or Trust of African-Americans and other People of Color. 

The failure of Mary Burke, Candidate for Governor, hit the floor running to embrace African Americans in Milwaukee and President Barack Obama was the wrong message to send to African-Americans and others.  Especially when both the President and his wife were so committal in spite of her lack of courtesy-decorum.   She came to herself MUCH TOO LATE.

Burke's action was seen as a Democratic Party action and it means it left a bad taste.
This was seen with the last two Governor attempts as well as growing the interest of Independents and once Democrats. 

Tom Barrett, mayor of Milwaukee, has shown a disregard to the disparity of Enduring Concentrated Poverty in Milwaukee for African-American and People of Color - and his by-design role in perpetuating the poverty.

He has chosen to disregard the  "strangle-hold" of POVERTY.
It is the root cause of  risky behavior nightly in the neighborhoods that is coupled with "institutional racism" and a damaged infrastructure minus quality of life and economic development.

He is a standard of the Democratic Party - MUCH TO BE DONE HERE.

Barrett has gone "too far" with his MISUSE OF POWER - Streetcar Project February, 2015 and Mega Greed Deal of NBA Bucks June 4, 2015.  

Thus, MPA LLC called for the U.S. Department of Justice thorough review on August 5, 2015 - YouTube Statement.  CLICK

Changes Needed
Here are 8 reasons that we see.  They are:

  1. Focus toward Urban Millennials stability.
  2. Website minus demographics of Milwaukee.
  3. Focus of building the family in Urban Milwaukee.
  4. Staff minus African-American and Caucus Groups.
  5. New Reps in the Milwaukee area that are "inclusive".
  6. Lack of Visibility in the Neighborhoods of Milwaukee.
  7. Democratic Party commitment to change Enduring Concentrated Poverty. 
  8. Mission of Candidates to SHOW commitment to Urban Milwaukee Incarceration Crisis.

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