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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

MPA LLC YouTube Video Announcement - Misuse of Power by Elected Officials and NBA Bucks Owners/Developers

City Center Milwaukee | Day 269 | The Theme:  "It is Cheaper to Keep Them", is a reference by Scott Walker - Governor, Chris Abele - County Executive and Tom Barrett - Mayor on June 4, 2015 for their decision to underwrite the NEW Bucks Arena, PLUS.

Surprise, Surprise
The June 4, 2015 Press Conference has now gone to mesmerizing of the state, county and city elected officials to "roll-over", promise assets of the People, and buy BAIT-N-SWITCH of job creation with the millionaire Herb Kohl and Billionaires Wes Edens and Marc Larsy.  

We pay these folks well - elected-appointed-hired and donor for hire government representatives.  

Why did they think they could disrespect the citizenry with this type of deal with nothing in writing to support the leveraging of the People's assets less an expectation of a 30-year incarceration for taxpayers' dollars?  

Just the promise of JOBS.  
Did they not see that the owners and developers came with specifics:  a NEW Arena (or we will leave), special high-priced real estate, environmental perks, legislative law making, changes to present resolutions, changes to committees/boards/authorities, changes in the conducting of revenue, changes in approvals of "tax credits" for a tax increment district, use of our staff to prepare documents and meet to agree, and on and on.  This is negligence by Walker, Abele and Barrett; and, all elected officials that VOTED yes.

We make note and take note to the FORWARD LEADERSHIP of Representative David Bowen (District 10), Representative Jonathan Brostoff (District 19) and Senator Tim Carpenter (District 3).  We THANK THEM and support their candor and due diligence.

In the days, weeks, months and years to come, they will go down in history as NOT ROLLING OVER, NOT TAKING THE PEOPLE FOR GRANTED and STANDING UP TO the "Status Quo".

Notice of Complaint
Here is Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC position and firm commitment submitted in today's Press Release and this YouTube video.

Fellow citizens, let us hear from you.
We will ask for your leadership, stewardship, citizenship, ownership, and fellowship as we forge the agenda of the MARATHON of DUE DILIGENCE for the citizenry of the city of Milwaukee and neighboring area of Milwaukee County.

Take a listen.

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