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Thursday, August 6, 2015

ON-THE-ROAD - Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC honors the 50th Anniversary VOTING Act at Water Tower Park


SATURDAY TALK is ON-the-ROAD for engaged information sharing and shared decision-making of our city-wide stakeholders. We seek innovation, STRATEGIC PLANNING, networking and communication to promote truth-to-power and the eradication of Enduring Concentrated Poverty.

We promote the voice of the stakeholders - taxpayers.

How Voting is paramount in today's public square and public policy?

On Saturday, August 8, 2015, Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC - Citizen Oversight & Wake-Up Call of NBA Milwaukee Bucks Projects will salute 50 years of the Voting Act and salute three (3) elected officials that spoke up and Voted for the People on behalf to the NBA Bucks Deal - Greed Deal AND 
Ask for a Report on Milwaukee Transit Strike.

JAMES MACON - President - Local 998
What is happening with the TRANSIT STRIKE?

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