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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Wheeling & Dealing with he People 's Resources by the Buck' s Owners & Front Men Barrett, Abele, and Walker is NO DEAL

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Far Left - Chair Frank Gumbel - Wisconsin Center District
On Thursday, June 4, 2015, a thunderous clap of monopoly-oligopoly "wheeling and dealing" was unveiled by undeclared candidate for President of the United States, Scott Walkermayor of the city of Milwaukee but abandoned Milwaukeeans  Tom Barrett,  declared self-ruler and family-fortune candidate Chris Abele for county executive of Milwaukee County. They came with the theme:  "It is cheaper to keep them".  

They are charter officers at the city-county-state level of government of Wisconsin to conduct the People's business with an Oath and U. S. Constitution as their guide.

Unfortunately, the prepared speeches failed to show the CORE CONSTITUENTS that they were "in-the-details" with immediate and long-term incentives and benefits for coverage.

Catchy Phase lack substance
Yes.  The catchy phrase, "It is cheaper to keep them" (the Bucks) was just that - a catch phrase.  It immediately spoke of a flaw and how the People's business was left not covered in the previous Bradley deal for the BUCKS.  Otherwise, why would the People be left with the gaping hole of $419 million for maintenance that Walker started his speech with for support of the $500 million financial plan?

What is clear, the People of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County, especially Milwaukee's CORE CONSTITUENTS must say, "It is not cheaper to keep the BUCKS, Walker, Barrett or Abele".

Walker, Barrett and Abele's behavior in the Bucks deal SOLD the People out.  

Missed opportunity of leadership and stewardship
For Walker, Barrett and Abele to come to us with a deal that put the People's neck on the chopping block, shows NO real negotiations to impact Milwaukee's Enduring Concentrated Poverty (both quality of life and economic development at the neighborhood and census tract level), place ancillary high-priced housing development ($2,000 per month rent) and support fleecing the stakeholders that deliver federal funding - those already besieged by debt and disparities, yet claim fiscal responsibility on behalf of the citizenry speaks to their REMOVAL in 2016 .  The three representatives has presented us with BAIT-N-SWITCH again.  The banner waving JOBS claim that has NO teeth.

They have asked for their "pink slips".  We must start with making known that they have angered us and pitted us against each other at a time it should be ALL HANDS ON DECK.

They do not warrant further representation in our local, county and state government.  As for Walker, he will self-destruct once he has "declared" his candidacy and investigative reporters hit the airwaves that vet his background in leadership as a member of the state assembly, county executive, and governor.

Milwaukeeans and our neighbors of Milwaukee County must say, what you have presented is NO DEAL.

Milwaukeeans and our neighbors of Milwaukee County must say to Walker, Barrett, Abele and the Bucks entourage, we have NOT been represented by our charter officers in a manner acceptable for use of our city-county-state coffers, real estate, and other financial resources.  Our concerns/priorities include:
  • lack of CORE CONSTITUENTS (African American, other People of Color and Work Challenged) at the table with specifics for decision making.
  • lack of CORE CONSTITUENTS' local-county-state elected representatives at the table for legislative enforcement inclusion in the state budget.
  • lack pen-to-paper specifics of agreed pre-during-post development of employment of Milwaukeeans - CORE CONSTITUENTS (un- and under-employed).
  • $419 million reminds us of lack of representation to protect us from the last deal with the Bradley Center.  It infers and reminds us that the right deal was not made to protect us for the Bradley Center; therefore, the People are left holding the $419 million cost.
  • $1 lots giveaways to billionaires.  
  • "BLANK CHECK and CANVAS" use of the Park East valued real estate that does not show CORE CONSTITUENTS as anchors in design, construction, development and life-of-the project commitment for gainful permanent employment.
  • lack overseers on Wisconsin Center District board of CORE CONSTITUENTS.
  • $4 million per year "debt collector" for overdue debt at the county level - more money for illogical means and more folk demonized, homeless, incarcerated, unemployed and by-design perpetuated Enduring Concentrated Poverty.
  • payment plan/system of the Wisconsin Center District questionable.
  • clear investment of the BUCKS owners as a partner to infrastructural growth and CORE CONSTITUENT over the next 20 years and/or life of the People's investments.
  • lack of hands-on and clear investment of time (i.e., education camps) by the BUCKS and other visiting NBA players to garner pipeline leadership, stewardship for the revenue the players contribute in this plan, appreciation of the hometown team, and NBA sports.
  • lack investor-friendly incentives and benefits for partnering with the Bucks owners and their entourage.
  • lack catalytic components that will galvanize innovation at neighborhood nodes for generating economic development for hidden talent and vetted businesses in the city of Milwaukee.
Milwaukeeans and our neighbors of Milwaukee County must say we see "potential opportunity", but we must be at the center of engagement for benefits for the life of this 20-plus year commitment.

Milwaukeeans and our neighbors of Milwaukee County must say to the Bucks owners, Herb Kohl and other investors, Bucks players, Peter Feigin, Paul Henning and Commissioner Adam Silver let's make a REAL DEAL - one that is model for these type of city developments and one that will be a mega WinWin for both the People and them.

The deal on the table is beneath our expectations and are manipulative.

Elected Officials - Due Diligence
Common Council, Board of Supervisor, state representatives (Milwaukee, Milwaukee County and state), Milwaukee Public Schools Board and Milwaukee Area Technical College Board this is your time to show "trustworthy" leadership.  Do NOT disrespect us.  Do not play cronyism.  Do not allow your opportunity to represent us to be LOST.  We will remember.  We will remember and take actions now, 2016 and beyond.

As a reminder - In February, 2015, the Common Council (9-6) OK'D the long-awaited transportation funding for transportation to and from jobs, quality of life issues and to impact Enduring Concentrated Poverty to Tom Barrett, MMAC, GMC, M7  and the monopoly-oligopoly.  The STORY/BAIT-N-SWITCH was the same.  P R O M I S E D jobs.  Zip/Zero in commitment of measurable specificity in the form of pen-to-paper agreement of time and deliverables to CORE CONSITITUENTS.

The Alderpersons that made this UNWISE decision against the CORE CONSTITUENTS were:

  • Michael Murphy
  • Ashanti Hamilton
  • Nik Novac
  • Milele Coggs
  • Willie Wade
  • Jose Perez
  • Bob Bauman
  • Russell Stamper II,
  • Terry Witkowski.

The Alderman that did not hand over the family jewels were:

  • Joe Davis
  • James Boyl
  • Jim Dudzik (deceased)
  • Robert Puente
  • Robert Donovan
  • Tony Zielinski

Lack of Etiquette
Invitations to Bucks to communicate and be inclusive have been snubbed.
It says they are not credible and disrespectful to those they want to "pony up" the key assets for deliverables.

Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC can document disrespect  to our INVITATION to come before us at SATURDAY TALK and share their intentions (NO RESPONSE from ALEX LASRY or anyone).  With that type of disrespect, NO REPLY, there is no urgency or even a real reason to support the mega Big Deal for the owners (Wes Edens,Marc Lasry and investors Herb Kohl, Jamie Damon, and the local investors).

We are also aware that elected officials have written with NO response.  That's simple Etiquette 101.  It is also called:  DEAL BREAKER.

Stay tuned.
June 11, 2015

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