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Thursday, June 4, 2015

HEALTH & SAFETY, A Must (Reprint)

  • Milwaukee is reported in a recent report to have increased 180% in homicides by May 17, 2015
Part I – Gun Shots

BEHAVIORAL RESPONSES in the city of Milwaukee – a culmination of reasons why

This time we look at Gun Fire.

The urban city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, population over a half-million, the only 1st-Class city in Wisconsin, majority People of Color, overwhelmingly polarized with enduring concentrated poverty, is an example of what happens when the Ecosystem – Infrastructure of individuals, families, homes, quality of life, economic structure at the census tract and neighborhood level has a social ENVIRONMENT that reeks of social behaviors that are by-design imposed, over time copied, learned, pollinated and have become destructive - self-destructive. The behaviors can began to form as early as in-the-mother’s womb - To daily self-protection as a young adult in an environment predisposed by drug use, drug finance, drug and street codes, drug laws, rogue law enforcement, wrongful arrest records and lack of hope. The outbursts take time to manifest - sometimes generational.

Symptoms - Citizenry/Milwaukeeans

The symptoms are purchases of guns - legally and illegally.

The symptoms are gun shots with regularity.

The symptoms are gun shots that injure, debilitate, scar and kill.

The symptoms are use and sell of drugs.

The symptoms are gun shots that seem endless. Not true.

So, what are the reasons for the Gun Fire every day? Sometimes, several times a day?


I submit, it is the Ecosystem malfunctioning – Environmental stimulus over time reaching a crescendo. It is a NUMBER of contributors all rolled in one.

It is false hope and a means-to-an-end.

It is the lack of HOPE.

It is total disconnect by the shooter.

It is the void of due process and privileges afforded through the U. S. Constitution and the 14th Amendment..

It is band-aid approaches and effects that are of a DEFAULT mode that include:

- scapegoating;

- stereotyping;

- co-dependency;

- unconscious cueing – priming, metaphors, social coldness, subliminal messaging; force orientation;

- unbridled law enforcement;

- over-reaching and unrealistic laws (Truth-n-Sentencing; 1-3 strikes you are out, etc.);

- disproportionate vs relevant arrest;

- neglect of the obvious;

- high propensity for incarceration of African American and persons of Color;

- harshness and failure to invoke rehabilitation and monitor for drug dependency, mental and/or emotional deprivation; and,

- recidivism.

This blog is to allow you to journey into the possible rationales for why "Gun Shots"?

Why Gun Shots daily?

Why Gun Shots that seem to disregard the safety of self and innocent bystanders - babies, children - older adults - mentally ill?

Homeostasis - balance

More importantly, it is to move toward building an Infrastructure solution. It is Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC and its AHOD – All Hands on Deck, WE CAN Initiative-project.

For Part I, I have ended today's blog with 10 thoughts for you to read. It is taken from the ZEITGEIST MOVEMENT. CLICK


I feel it sets the stage for the WHY? And, can help replace what is becoming a “natural tendency” that is destructive to all. NO ONE IS EXEMPT when the bullet is fired.

Whether this is your first or second read of the Zeitgeist Movement 10 points, I would be curious to know how you felt when you finished reading the 10 points.

I have added a short survey if you choose to share. I would like to know your thoughts.


This is deep but solvable.

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