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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Close LOOK at the 2015 Proposed Budget for Milwaukeeans

Mary Glass - Chair/CEO
Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC
September 30, 2014
City Center Milwaukee | Day 30 | From the Chair/CEO, 
Mary Glass

As the Chair/CEO of Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC, our AHOD/All Hands on Deck, WE CAN Initiative calls for Action-oriented delivery services to our followers. 

Our spring, 2014, beginning of MPA LLC Invoked Atonement and Reparation assessment demands true scholarship, leadership and stewardship from our elected-appointed-hired-volunteered representatives that serve Milwaukeeans.  A new book  of INCLUSION of People of Color in opportunity-in- partnerships across the city of Milwaukee, especially the People of Color of area with high voltage of UNEMPLOYMENT.

It is our clarion call and ongoing conversation with you and those with the title of “public servants”.

$1.2 billion dollars 
A $21.11 increase for property owners in the city of Milwaukee.
The Proposed 2015 Budget by the Executive Branch – Tom Barrett Mayor, will receive a NEW scrutiny for transparency, accountability, assessment for reform, innovative legislation with multi-tier and multi-year growth built in for Milwaukeeans ONLY. 

The budget MUST seek INFRASTRUCTURE changes with health-housing-information attainment, education attainment, safety prevention and intervention, family supporting employment, under-employment, engagement in the decision making and planning of USE of FUNDING from the city of Milwaukee coffers.

We seek “specifics” that brings NEW participants in entrepreneurship, apprenticeship, mentorship and ownership in neighborhood and census tract private business owners.  These are the folk that are the hidden talent and vetted businesses overlooked by design and refused services by design, those who are not appointed to serve on local government boards, commissions, authorities and the like.

This budget will say to Milwaukeeans to evaluate their benefits and realize how the 2014-2016 budget must determine WHO-WHO-WHO can be in office in 2016.

The2014-2015 Employment plan opportunities to Milwaukeeans cannot be one-dimensional.  Cannot be seasonal training jobs for “experienced” and “under-employed” working on “TEMPORARY” positions.  It can not be the "NO ONE IS TRAINED" scam.

It cannot be only the futuristic expectations of Employment and benefits of Northwestern Mutual.  It must have specifics over the decades that are expected from NWM to help grow the “patchwork” of Urban Milwaukee.   Remember Jeffrey A. Joerres - Executive Chairman, Manpower Group CEO. Milwaukeeans got duped with the Manpower – Jeffrey  Joerres brand new “top real estate” in the downtown strip - NEW building, deal that allowed over 600 employees safe haven of employment downtown Milwaukee while they live outside and pay taxes in the outer areas, and a NEW $MILLION dollar parking lot.  Joerres was able to parlay “chairmanship” on the Federal Reserve in Chicago. 

As the No. 2 employment agency of the world, why the heck are Milwaukeeans drowning in Enduring Concentrated Poverty.   Stop it. We mean STOP IT.

We cannot elect individuals to represent our executive and legislative branches, allow their selections of those they appoint-hire and volunteer to represent everyone but Milwaukeeans, especially the African American, other People of Color and Work Challenged Milwaukeeans (Work Challenged represents un-, under-skilled; un-, under-employed; un-, under-financed neighborhood-level businesses; disabled; and re-entry.

Re-entry represents those returning from WAR, INCARCERATION, boomerang employment, boomerang retirement and college-certificated graduates who are unemployed.), the majority population that has disenfranchisement, discrimination, and disrespect by the same folk but at this time of the year, the mayor brings forth a proposed budget for you to support that EXCLUDES you big time and full of BAIT-N-SWITCH.

That’s why we ask to hear from you.  You are on the front lines, and you must tell your stories.  You must be good citizens with your hands on the pulse and culture – change for your Upscalability.

This budget is our first storytelling.  We must equip each other with information sharing, ideas and analyses, and what you see from your vantage point.  My sincere thanks as we go forward in better accountability and transparency of budget funding.

Mary Glass – Chair/CEO
Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC

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