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Thursday, December 29, 2016

John Kerry did himself, the office of Secretary of State and the President of the United States PROUD, December 28, 2016

Kerry to Israel: We support you but can't defend ‘right-wing’ agenda

In a hard-hitting speech, the secretary of state says, ‘My job above all is to defend the United States of America.'

United States America
It is important that Americans LISTEN to this video, then let their elected representatives in Congress know that America has bent over backward to support our brothers and sisters in Israel in their quest for coexistence with their Palestinian neighbors. 

We do not support APARTHEID by any country.

We have a 2017 funding of over $28 billion dollars for Israel when we have so many Americans mired in Enduring Concentrated Poverty, our justice systems need immediate changes to ensure that African American and other People of Color are treated with equity, to work against the historic "apartheid" race intensity in America, to upgrade our roads and byways, create gainful employment for ALL and to protect America from terrorism..

We do not appreciate or accept disrespect to our 44th President of the United States Barack Hussein Obama - the way Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did in 2015 with the traitorous Invitation of John Boehner, US Speaker of the House.  PM Netanyahu's behavior then just as his behavior now with Donald Trump - President-Elect will come to haunt him.  It is a matter of "wrongful protocol" and NOT obeying the Golden Rule.

Make no mistake about it, We the People, can not sit idle and fail to let the powers to be know that there is NO pass here.

Secretary of State John Kerry has done our country proud by giving a historic and factual account of the recent vote by the USA as well as the HOW/WHEN/WHY of the decision.

We thank you POTUS Barack Obama and Secretary John Kerry.

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