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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Senior District Administrator Donovan continues to show disconnect

Alderman Robert Donovan - District 8
November 13, 2016

LESSONS Not Learned
Bob Donovan, 8th District Administrator, Common Council Milwaukee, continues to lob bombs in the middle of stressful cultural discourse in the public square.  As a senior administrator, he is expected to exhibit a wiser understanding and be more mindful of the TOP POSITION of the city of Milwaukee Organization Chart - its make-up of the people who live, grow up, go to school, work, raise families, bury their family members, and build small businesses, despite of the constant onslaught of discrimination and “government laws” that perpetuate suppression , oppression and lasting Enduring Concentrated Poverty.

As for what was during World War II, visit the history timeline and see what folks were out walking, marching and protesting.  


1 comment:

  1. I have friends that work downtown including a single mom. The stress and disruption to their hard working schedules and already precious time caused by the public disorder was completely unwarranted..
    Want a mass demonstration? Get the permit, stick to the sidewalks, obey all traffic laws and officer commands. Pretty simple. It's what the pro-lifers and anyone that respects law and order have to do...
    If you like the freedoms this society affords, start by showing some respect, and don't assume that everyone else owes you their time and support...
    Respect is earned, not owed... You must give it to receive it. Some people, typically those who are secure in their self-identity, actually get it...others need time...still others will never get it....


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