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Monday, May 16, 2016

BRT-Bus Rapid Transit must have the fingerprint of People of Color

May 16, 2016
MILWAUKEE | Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC continues its movement of All Hands on Deck, WE CAN Initiative for Redesigning, Re-branding and Un-trapping hidden talent and vetted businesses.

Why we continue to miss the mark.
Opportunities in the marketplace, especially those created at the federal level - with mega dollars - are often void of the first level of involvement of CORE CONSTITUENTS, the People, especially African American, other People of Color and the Work Challenged. These are the ones the funding regulation call for but the reality is a model such as the one we are seeing moving forward in the BRT East-West Small Starts effort.

MPA LLC sees the merit of multi-modal approaches with connectivity for better/best access, more timely routes, excellent customer care, supported employment components for the bus union and staff of transit services, cost-sharing by the ridership that is durable, and cost-effective for the long-haul of public transit in Milwaukee County.

Lunch & Learn
Therefore, in addition to our Position Statement of "rejection as is", MPA LLC is outreaching to members of all sectors - residential, commercial, light industrial, unions, community groups, ridership and those with direct responsibility of public transportation.

Join us.

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