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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Higher Education funding takes a Visit from the Obama Administration - A NEW Day in Accountability

MAKING Higher Education more Affordable for the Middle Class

Sunday, August 25, 2013 |  President Barack Obama spoke of higher education debt in his Saturday's message.  He feels that it is an economic imperative for to get an education; and, it is his administration new reform that is to help bring down and allow solutions of reform to the average college debt of $26,000.  He has 3 points:

  • Ratings of colleges and universities.
  • Jump start for performance.
  • Pay-as-You Earn for graduates.


Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC has an ongoing investigation regarding UW-Milwaukee for their lack of outreach to the main population of African American and other People of Color.  This is the institution that went over 6,500 miles to China, but failed to go 2 miles to African Americans in Milwaukee.  Classic discrimination and classic exploitation of funding recipients.

This is the institution that has gotten millions-on-top of millions for the School of Freshwater Science, School of Nursing, NEW Student Union, an Innovation Park, U.S. Department of FEMA and other partnerships, with extreme DISCRIMINATION/exclusion of African Americans and other People of Color inMilwaukee.

Chancellor Mike Lovell, his cabinet, ex-President Kevin Reilly and the UW-System Board of Regents have failed the state statutes and NO substance commitment to its Mission - to support the city of Milwaukee.

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