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Sunday, January 22, 2017

I N D I V I S I B L E - Milwaukee

January 22, 2017
Call to Action
Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC recognize and has joined the national movement of "Indivisible".

The Indivisible Movement is an organic showing of what U.S. Congress staffers saw as a way for the Electorate to empower themselves against Donald John Trump and the many obstructionists at the federal level as elected officials.

MPA LLC flipped the script and accepted the concept of oversight, transparency, and accountability of Indivisible but chose the first step to include 22 elected officials at the city level.

To make sure that they are monitored daily, weekly, monthly, resolution, purchases, and enforcements, we call for All Hands on Deck - Core Constituents/Milwaukeeans.  

Our Investiture calls for the Report Card reports for judging performance and supporting re-election.  It will also call out missteps as they happen.

The twenty-two are:

22 Elected - City Government
3 Branches - Executive, Legislative and Judicial
Top Row - Left to Right
Tom Barrett, Mayor; Ashanti Hamilton - Common Council President/Alderman District 1; Judge Phillip Chavez, Judge Valarie Hill, Judge Derek Mosley
Left-DOWN to Bottom:  Treasurer Spencer Coggs, Comptroller Martin Matson, Alderman Anthony Zielinski - District 14, Alderman James Bohl Jr - District 5; Alderman Terry Witkowski - District 13, Alderman Cavalier Johnson - District 2,
Left to Right bottom:  Alderman Robert Donovan - District 8, Alderwoman Chantia Lewis - District 9; Alderman Mark Borkowski - District 11; Alderman Michael Murphy - District 10; Alderman Jose G Perez - District 12, Alderman Russell Stamper, II - District 15;
Right side top down:  City Attorney Grant Langley, Alderman Nicholas Kovac - District 3; Alderwoman Milele Coggs - District 6; Alderman Robert Bauman - District 4; and Alderman Khalif Rainey - District 7

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek. ”


NO One Exempt
Our focus first and foremost is the enforcement of Lean 6 Sigma customer care by the 22 elected officials-those they appoint-those they hire-those they validate as donor for hire government representatives.  

The 22 elected officials first step is Oath of Office.

Citizenship, Leadership and Stewardship of the Electorate starts with each household member that can VOTE is registered and up-to-date with who represent their census tract, block, neighborhood, district, region, state and federal levels by name, telephone and email.
                                     - Mary Glass - Chief Visionary Officer

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