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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Where are the Core Constituents - neighborhoods in this taxpayers funding of the streetcar?

City Center Milwaukee | Day 107 | Today the Common Council is voting on the passage of Mayor Tom Barrett's  $123.9 million "cart-before-the horse" leadership for spending of public funds for bells and whistle transportation for monopoly-oligopoly individuals or those that carry their water.  The mayor says he wants the streetcar to match the $$$billions downtown.  Excuse me?  There is a disconnect here.

On September 23, 2014, Barrett asked the Core Constituents for an increase in the 2015 budget.  He claimed an interest in helping the hardest hit neighborhoods.  

If that is true, the emphasis must be on consistently replacing "dispair" and "hard-times" with quality of life issues at the infrastructural level.  The yield benefit will become organic and begin to replace disparity with HOPE; and, the removal of breeding grounds for crime and risky behavior in the neighborhoods of Milwaukee.  

The people see less-and-less restoration and innovation at the census tract and neighborhood level coming from their tax dollars and the leadership of the city of Milwaukee.

"Common Council President Michael Murphy, Alderman Nik Kovac (standing committees) and each member of the Common Council has NO BUSINESS supporting a streetcar-drain on funds when the Core Constituents have infrastructure needs of transportation that deals with day-to-day transport from one location in the city of Milwaukee to another place in the city and/or southeastern wisconsin for employment and quality of life best practices".  

"Core Constituents that do not have access to vehicles and a driver's license depend on public transit.  Bells-n-whistle tickering by the charter officers is unacceptable.  Our transportation funds should be substantive.   The shuck-n-jive promise of 'jobs', without date-time-position-wages-full time-benefits specific for credibility, is a sure sign that Milwaukeeans are headed for bait-n-switch."

"Transportation enhancement in the urban city of Milwaukee must help grow the city out of Enduring Concentrated Poverty, the culprit that drives up crime.  We must be wise, beef-up the economy with Smart Growth and 2050 Vision - seek to balance mobility, access, safety, economic, social and environmental elements to produce urban development that meets community objectives and enhances quality of life.  It creates a sense of community (Smart Growth 2002)"

"The whimiscal fantasy would be laughable if it was not so irresponsible," said Mary Glass, Chair/CEO/CVO, Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC.

Why aren't Aldermen DAVIS, DONOVAN, BOHL, WADE and BAUMAN connecting a route to their districts?
Public Works vote - 3-2
Aldermen Joe Davis, Bob Donovan and James Bohl voted against the resolution supporting the streetcar.  Contrary, Aldermen Bob Bauman and Willie Wade voted to support it.  Why?

Both Wade and Bauman represent heavy Core Constituents in need of employment and infrastructure transportation to grow their district.  When is it OK for them to throw their Core constituents under the bus for a project that does NOTHING for their district Core Constituents, but ask that they pay for it. STOP IT.

Take care of home first and then we can all take a look at what the rationale would be for maybe including the downtown.  Alderman Bauman wanted to know why not fund the project.

The exclusion of Core Constituents from the "Get-Go" DNA footprint is why you do not fund it Alderman Bauman.  You and the other 14 members need to indulge leadership in infrastructure transportation. Stop the "privilege" wrongness on the backs of your Core constituents.  And, NO we do not give you the authority of putting us on the back burner. 

What happened to Fond du lac to Midtown - across the 16th bridge to Cesar Chavez - MLKing to Capitol Drive - or, west on Walnut Avenue?

Tourism, hospitality, and economic development is for ALL neighborhoods - not just lower east side, UW-Milwaukee, lake front and downtown.

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