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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Call for ACTION - DAY 101 - Association filed Ethics Complaint - Stamper, Charter officers, city officer, appointed, non-profit & local church

156 Days since Certified
- 51 days, NO DECISION - October, November or December
Scheduled for January 6, 2015

City Center Milwaukee | DAY 101 |  Mary Glass, Chair/CEO/CVO, Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC filed a Verified copy of  a Formal Complaint to the city of Milwaukee Ethics Board.

MC COLE is the client of Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC who is seeking a Class B License.  He has been in FULL COMPLIANCE since Early October, 2014.  Was in FULL COMPLIANCE for October 20, 2014 License Committee Meeting.  His file was placed "on HOLD" by newly elected Alderman Russell Stamper II.

It was placed "on HOLD" due to Conflict of Interest with certain members of the neighborhood and failure to respect his Oath of Office and ALL members within the 15th District.

"The decision to submit a Formal Complaint was decided back in October, 2014; however; in discoveries it was felt addition information should be added.  The additions were as a result of information disclosed from involvement of members on the 15th district - namely, Sharon Adams - Walnut Way - Lindsey Heights, Virginia Dupriest - YMCA-CDC, Sharon Adams and Board of BID #32 andd Tabernacle Baptist Church, 2500 W. Medford, Milwaukee, WI."

"We have asked this body to address their Mission regarding Conflict of Interest and Breach of Public Trust.  We especially interested in the bartering/coercing and vigilante social engineering seen during the Application process of a Class B License for MC COLE, my client", said Glass.

To Enlarge, click photo
We await their decision for their Investigation.
In the meantime, due to the breadth of wrongdoing, we will file additional Complaints to help rid the Hospitality Industry and the License process of insidious Code of Conduct by charter, city officers, appointees to boards/commissions and members of the neighborhood-at large that is against the 14th Amendment as well as the INFRASTRUCTURAL growth of Urban Milwaukee.


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