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TOP 100

June 19, 2013  
MPA LLC Communication                   
Contact:  mpapublicpolicyreview@gmail.com or 414.610.1044


Top 100 Census Tract and Neighborhood Business List

Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC, based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, continues to outreach in a state-of-the-art fashion for neighborhood stakeholders connectivity to the Worldwide Web and the limitless opportunities to increase capacity and growth of Hidden Talent and Vetted Businesses at the census tract neighborhood level.  They are the businesses that are too often left out of the design and implementation of INFRASTRUCTURE that drives quality of life and economic development in the City of Milwaukee.

Top 25
Top 25 is the first phase of recruitment of MPA LLC Top 100 Who's Who in Milwaukee of companies at the neighborhood level that represent DIAMONDS in the Rough and well-known businesses that are being formed to provide a metric voice for leveraging economic opportunities and options to increase per capital income of Milwaukeeans.  An URBAN Health Care project.

The group will focus on "outcomes" - reward vs penalty, education and technology attainment, exploitation, causal chain, peer-review, partnership and being employee/employer-friendly.

MPA LLC Top 100 Affordable Health Care businesses at the census tract and neighborhood level will codify and help guide efficacy of the Affordable Health Care act at the neighborhood level for state and local government spending/implementation of federal laws, regulations and practices using federal funding.  They will first of all participate in the Federally-Assisted Exchange Insurance option of Wisconsin as a customer, provider and leader to ensure that their company, employees and neighborhood growth in the 21st Century is INNOVATIVE and meaningful to their "bottom line".

Health Providers/Suppliers/Legislators
Specific leadership and engagement at the census tract and neighborhood level and projected to legislators, policy makers, health providers, health practitioners, suppliers, GPO/Group Purchasing organizations will be a major focal point to advance BUY-in of all businesses and to overall monitoring and accountability by/from All.

"I am excited about this NEW opportunity that we will afford businesses at the census tract and neighborhood level - hidden talent and vetted businesses in the City of Milwaukee.  It is also another link of ALL HANDS on Deck, WE CAN initiative to re-define, re-brand and UN-TRAP residential and commercial beneficiaries of the Affordable Health Care law.  It is crucial that the small group and individual entrepreneurs are at the table for implementation since U. S. Health and Human Services will be restrictive for the first 2-3 years due to bandwidth," said Mary Glass, Chair/CEO, Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC.

The group is called:  MPA LLC 100 Health Care Companies.

  • Affordable Health Care SUMMIT & FAIR, 2014 Sponsors
  • EB-5 Seminars
  • 2015 EB-5 International Junket


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